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ISTE MAKING IT HAPPEN: Kelly Dumont, Canyons School District, Elementary Team Lead

Kelly Dumont has been an educator for 30 years. He started his education career at the old Midvale Elementary in 1988. He later transferred to Southland Elementary and found a real passion for using technology in the classroom. While working on his Masters in Instructional Technology, he decided to become an Education Technology specialist for Jordan School District, and was given the opportunity in 1996.

Among his many accomplishments working as an Ed Tech specialist for Jordan District, one of his greatest contributions was the introduction of a student film festival. The film festival gave students the opportunity to showcase their creativity through the use of video production. The Film Festival he started carried over to Canyons School District as well, where he currently is working.

In his desire to promote education technology to both teachers and students, Kelly started a podcast called The Educational Mac. This podcast has listeners all across the country. His love for Apple products and the integration of technology in the curriculum led him to also become an Apple Distinguished Educator. This honor is held by 2,447 people worldwide as of 1994. He has presented in UCET, ISTE, Utah Rural School, and InstructureCon, just to name a few.

Kelly’s unpretentious leadership, and determination to help other teachers has helped him always be recognized as a valuable participant on any team. He started as the Ed Tech team lead in the Canyons School District in 2009 when the new district was formed. He worked with both secondary and elementary teachers but always found his passion working with students in elementary schools. He spent many late hours editing video to have it ready for the daily school news broadcast.

Kelly is a CETL leader, a Certified Educational Technology Leader and has helped with many of the COSN classes to ensure Utah leaders across the state of Utah have become Certified Educational Technology Leaders. This came at a critical time in our state, and Kelly was there to lead out.

Kelly Dumont is one of the most unassuming and kindest educators. Everyone that knows Kelly loves him. Because of this and his love for teaching with technology, he has been setting trends across the state for years. It is with great honor and pride, that he receives the ISTE Making IT happen award today.


Rick Gaisford says” It is with great pleasure that I nominate Jared Covilli for the ISTE Making IT Happen award for 2019.” Jared is an instructor with the UEN Professional Development department and specializes in teaching strategies for classroom integration of technology such as Google tools, geospatial learning, social media, and digital devices. Jared’s background is in secondary education where he was a Language Arts teacher at the secondary level. He received his Bachelor’s degree in English and his Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology from the University of Utah. Besides his work at UEN, Jared is also an adjunct faculty member of the College of Education at the University of Utah, where he teaches technology integration classes to undergraduate students. Jared served as the president of Utah Coalition for Educational Technology for 2011-2012 and currently serves on the UCET board, He helps moderate #UTedChat and has been a driving force in organizing multiple Edcamp Utah events Finally, on his own time Jared is the author of two books, Going Google and Classroom in the Cloud. Jared has successfully helped thousands of Utah educators gain skills and knowledge on how to effectively use technology in teaching and learning. He has been involved with numerous organizations both in the state and nationally to promote and instruct on successful use of digital teaching and learning resources. Currently, he is involved with ISTE as a member of their affiliates organization sharing the great things being done here in our state. Jared exemplifies what this award strives to recognize:

  • Jared uses available technology now and shares with educators around the state
  • Jared moves forward and doesn’t look back.
  • Jared sees those he works with as real people and works to elevate their practice.
  • Jared teaches through relationships, inspiring, encouraging and nurturing. There are thousands of educators around the state that would attest to this.
  • Jared recognizes that further change is necessary, but understand that it is a process. He also helps educators to know this.
  • Jared realizes that teacher empowerment is the key element to technology integration and strives to make this a reality for all those he works with.
  • Jared expects success. There are educators around the state that have benefitted from his expectation of success as they have successfully implemented technology into teaching and learning.
  • Jared motivates through awareness and access to information and has spent countless hours of his own time writing and teaching to share what he has learned.

Jared both meets and exceeds the qualifications for this award.

OUTSTANDING LEADER: David Long, Logan School District, Technology Director

According to Logan District staff, “David is an amazing educational technology leader.  David has made an incredible impact on how we, as technology professionals and educators, support and effectively implement technology to enhance the learning environment in the classroom.  He is definitely one of the most effective and influential technology leaders in the state.”    

Frank Schofield, Logan District Superintendent, says Dave has a clear vision of how technology can be used to enhance teacher performance and student learning. He recognizes the positive disruption that occurs when educators are aware of the potential impact of technology, then receive the necessary support to apply technology in focused, deliberate ways.

Just a few examples of David’s educational technology leadership in the state:
UETN Board Member
David provides brilliant leadership through his role as a UETN board member since 2014.  As a board member, he has been highly effective helping move forward UETN and statewide initiatives such as eduroam, SAINTCON leadership track, CTO planning retreats, acquiring licensed wireless spectrum and the creation UETN Technology Advisory Committee (TAC).
Certified Educational Technology Leader Certification (CETL)

In 2013, David become the first Utah CETL in the state of Utah.  Soon after passing the exam, David started working closely with other educational technology professionals in the state to help them gain this certification as well.  We now currently have over 40 CETLs in the state and this can be directly tied to Dave’s leadership and support of the statewide CETL program.

OUTSTANDING TEACHER: Sumeyra Gul, Beehive Science and Technology Academy, Charter School

Sumeyra encourages a new generation of students– with a strong emphasis on girls–to become involved in information technology. She is a computer science teacher and is heavily involved in extracurricular activities at Beehive, one of Utah’s leading STEM schools for the past several years. Beehive was named an Apple Distinguished School for 2017-2019. Sumeyra currently oversees the school’s two CyberPatriot teams—one coed, and the second one that’s all female.  CyberPatriot is a national program of the Air Force Association. Last year’s women’s team won first place in Utah. She also oversees the Girls Who Code Club and is involved in Beehive’s College Mentorship and Leadership Program.

According to Beehive’s director, Hanifi Oguz, “Ms. Gul is an innovative teacher who learns emerging educational technology and implements this technology in her classes. She also helps support and train fellow teachers to increase the student learning across the school. She has been a pioneer in implementing some creative teaching and learning tools, and in helping other teachers to learn from her best practices through professional learning communities and training. She shares her expertise with other school teachers by inviting them to her classroom and workshops.”

OUTSTANDING YOUNG EDUCATORS: Alberto Herraez and Mario Herraez, Canyons Creek Elementary, Davis School District

Twinning is winning with the Herraez-Velazquez brothers from Salamanca, Spain who came to Utah several years ago on a scholarship to teach. Mario teaches 1st grade and Alberto teaches 6th grade at Canyon Creek Elementary School, where their students are part of the Spanish/English Immersion program.

Mario says “If we take a look at this evolution throughout the last decades, it becomes clear that education has moved from learning out of books to hands-on and student-centered learning approaches. We want the students to experience the learning by using VR in our classes. Our students are immersed in their learning.” Mario was awarded a grant to purchase a full cart of Google Expeditions and applies virtual reality (VR) technology in almost all of his lessons and is leading the implementation of this technology in the district.

Alberto says “I truly believe that the content needs to be taught in a meaningful context. We need to give students a reason to care about their progress and also a purpose. By implementing a PBL approach, students will use the content to develop projects and solve problems that are challenging. The project is not the final goal of the learning process, but instead, it is the vehicle in which students reach the final goal to improve students’ language skills.” Alberto is known for his application of PBL within his classroom. He was recognized by Microsoft (MIE Expert of the month) for implementing successfully this approach and for mentoring many teachers who wanted to start using PBL in their own classes.

Alberto and Mario also were selected to participate in the Leading EDGE program from Davis School District. They have presented their projects at several events such as: Davis School Technology Conference, C-forum, TCEA conference (San Antonio, TX), NCCE conference (Seattle, WA) and US Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert community meetings. They have been selected to represent the state of Utah and the U. S. at Microsoft E2 Education Exchange E2. Only 30 educators from the USA have been invited.

UCET 2019 Award Nominees

ISTE Making it Happen

  • Jared Covili
  • Kelly Dumont

Outstanding Leader of the Year

  • Keri Greener, Box Elder School District
  • Cory Henwood, Iron County School District
  • Kent Larsen, South Sanpete School District
  • David Long, Logan School District
  • Hanifi Oguz, Beehive Science and Technology Academy
  • Trevor Powell, South Sanpete School District

Outstanding Teacher

  • Alley Chai, Granite School District
  • Thomas Erekson, Alpine School District
  • Sumeyra Gul, Beehive Science and Technology Academy
  • Patricia Helquist, San Juan School District
  • Summer Marshall, Park City School District
  • Lisa Rogers, Channing Hall

Outstanding Young Educator

  • Brad Gannon, Park City School District
  • Alberto Herraez, Davis School District
  • Mario Herraez, Davis School District
  • Sally James, Piute County School District
  • Allison Northcott, Alpine School District

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