Accessing the Primary Source Vault

Have you ever wished that you had a vault full of great primary sources to share with your students to get them excited about History?… Well even if you have not, I have. I think that there is nothing more exciting than looking at the original document and realizing the historic awesomeness that goes along with that.

Well for all of us regular's without the giant vault of historical document, The National Archives  have a solution for us. They have a Digital Vault available to search and view historical documents.

The databases have of thousands of photo's, documents, and tons of other amazing resources. The documents show up in the super cool web format below. You are  able to surf through the documents by clicking on the ones that interest you.

Each document also have a bunch of information that can help you talk about it in class and learn more about it. The best part is that most documents have lessons plans attached to them for quick reference and use. Nothing beats a free lesson plan that includes primary sources.

Overall, The Digital Vaults are an amazing place for you and your class to search and see what amazing things you can find. Primary Sources does not get any easier than this.

What type of primary sources do you use in the classroom?  

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