Advocacy Update


Good news for Ed Tech from the Utah Legislative Session! HB 277 has passed providing $5 million in one-time funds and $10 million in ongoing funds for Digital Teaching and Learning in Utah schools. The amount is considerably less than the original proposal of $100 million, but it provides a good foundation to build on for years to come. According to a presentation made to the legislature, the Digital Teaching and Learning Grant Program is essential for education for five main reasons:

  • Transforms the way teaching is delivered (both in and outside of the classroom)
  • Our children live in a “technology driven world” (we must prepare them to live and compete in that world)
  • Its interactive (not a digital textbook; hones critical thinking skills)
  • Allows for individualized personal learning (teachers are able to target instruction and the pace of instruction to individual student needs –24/7 learning)
  • Has the potential to increase student achievement dramatically (unleashes the power of computer adaptive assessment)

More information will be coming as details of the grant program are finalized, but by all accounts, this is a big step for the advancement of Educational Technology in Utah!


As long as we are on the topic of politics, just a quick reminder that Utah Caucus meetings for both major political parties will be held March 22. I don’t have to tell you that the stakes are as high as ever in this election year as we will be voting for U.S. President and Utah Governor along with national and state legislators. In Utah, the best place to make your voice heard and count is in your local caucus meetings. Please make time to take part in this important political event. You can find information about the caucus meetings and locations at the party websites.

Utah Democratic Party –

Utah Republican Party –

Remember that it is a privilege and responsibility as citizens to take part in electing our government, let’s not waste it.

Watch for more information on the legislative session results to be posted on the UCET Advocacy webpage at



Charice Carroll

Charice has been working with educational technology for over 25 years and still gets excited about sharing new tools and solutions with teachers all over Utah. She has served on the UCET Board for 10 years as a board member, president, and currently as the Advocacy Representative. Her day job is working at UEN as a Distance Learning Specialist for the past 20 years.

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