Author: PJ Giles

The Most Dangerous Apps of 2015

A teacher shared this site with me and I thought it was worthwhile to share with others.  The following site is a list of apps that was compiled for parents of the most popular apps and social media sites that kids are using today.  The list includes the name of the app or site, a brief description, and potential dangers of the apps or site.  It is important that we as parents and educators stay educated as apps and social media sites become available.   It is our responsibility to help our children and students safely navigate social media. 


PJ Giles



The Most Dangerous Apps of 2015




GroupMe App

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.20.38 AM

GroupMe is a free app that allows participants to group message each other.  This app is a great way to share information with your faculty, cross-curricular or grade level team members.  Participants can share texts, photos, videos, emojis, locations, and content from the Internet across all mobile and desktop devices.  This app is not recommended to use with students.  For communication with students, please use Remind.    

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