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#UCET16 Award Winners

Awards were announced during the Opening Session of the #UCET16 Conference on Thursday, March 17, 2016, at the University of Utah.

Award Winners

Crystal VanAusdal crop Crystal VanAusdal – UCET Outstanding Teacher of the Year (Math Department Chair, Mountain Heights Academy). "Crystal is a dedicated math professional intent on leveraging technology’s promise to improve education…. Comments from her teachers center around Crystal’s ability to calmly solve problems, competently lead the department, and dynamically innovate in a high-tech online setting. While in this role Crystal has organized multiple professional development opportunities for her teachers.  She also leads department meetings twice a month via Google Hangout where brainstorming on how to improve the math courses occurs.  Whenever Crystal finds a new pedagogical technique or technology tip that works she quickly shares it with her teachers. She is a beloved leader and colleague who collaborates and seeks win-win solutions." 
Durrant cropped

Guy Durrant – UCET Outstanding Leader of the Year (District Technology Director, Dagget School District). "Guy is a modest and earnest educator who has earned an excellent reputation throughout the state and the education technology community for his strong leadership and support of technology use in public education. He is a valued mentor to many….Guy selflessly shares what he has learned from experience and is truly an expert in the field.  When technology directors in the NUES region or the TCC post a question to the listservs, Guy is among the first to respond with a suggestion or solution.  Guy is also an advocate for small rural districts and is not afraid to stand up and 

maria jones cropped

 Maria Jones– UCET Outstanding Young Educator of the Year (Educational Technology Specialist, Canyons School District). "Maria is an inspirational leader. Having led several critical projects for the Canyons District, she consistently exhibits leadership for digital citizenship and a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning and productivity….Without question, her high quality work as an Ed Tech Specialist has positively impacted every teacher and interested parent in the Canyons District, demonstrating that Maria undoubtedly understands, selects and uses applications effectively to design, develop and evaluate authentic learning opportunities and projects."

Carl Lyman_161b

Carl Lyman, Making IT Happen (USOE , Information Technology Specialist)  For a decade, Carl has organized and conducted IT training around the state and effectively advocated for student involvement and certifications in IT. He personally has 4 industry IT certifications. He was an advocate for computer science before it was "cool" to code. Utah's economy will benefit from his leadership to help students get interested, get skills and get jobs in IT. He's a great collaborator with his peers nationally, at the state office, and with universities, LEA and charter schools. He has navigated around all the inertia, brought people together, and did the hard work to get Utah public education on the path to building an in-state IT workforce. This patience, perseverance, advocacy and can-do attitude are the hallmarks of Carl's career in Utah..”








































UCET 2016 Award Nominees

ISTE Making it Happen

  • Jordan Crane, Wayne School District
  • Camille Cole, Canyons School District
  • Paul Sweat, Wasatch School District
  • Jessica Moody, Granite School District
  • Tyler Howe, Granite School District
  • Carl Lyman, USOE

Outstanding Leader

  • Jordan Crane, Wayne School District
  • Darren Draper, Canyons School District
  • Kelly Justin, Wasatch School District
  • Guy Durrant, Dagget School District
  • Sue Sorenson, Logan School District
  • Rachel Thompson, Alpine School District
  • Stephanie Mondragon, Granite School District

Outstanding Teacher

  • Crystal VanAusdal, Mountain Heights Academy
  • Shannon Robertson, Wayne High School
  • Michele Brees, Copperview Elementary
  • Kristin Homer, Sandy Elementary
  • Judd Sweat, Rocky Mountain Middle School
  • Heather Nelson, East Meadows Elementary
  • Melinda Welch, Utah Online School
  • Summer Johnson, Utah Online School
  • Christine Ferrin, Deerfield Elementary
  • Melissa Maxwell, Treasure Mountain Jr. High
  • Tara Criddle, Utah Online School
  • Gloria Kelly, Utah Online School
  • Kim Parsons, South Sevier Middle School
  • Alison Wendel Bennett, Hartvigsen School
  • Candace Collins, Granite School District
  • Kari Myers, Utah Online School
  • Carolyn Black, Utah Online School
  • Annette Pond, Utah Online School
  • Chelsea Penney, Utah Online School
  • Mindy Taylor, Utah Online School
  • Meagan Johnston, Utah Online School
  • Jeremy Ralphs, Cache County School District
  • Brandon Kerby, Kearns Jr. High
  • Kimberly Mendenhall, Fort Herriman Middle School

Outstanding Young Educator

  • Magon Bowling, Wayne High/Middle School
  • Maria Jones, Canyons School District
  • Valarie Anderson, Utah Online School
  • Jared Moody, Enterprise Elementary
  • Jen Larsen, Utah Online School
  • Treena Tui'one, Olympus Jr. High 
  • Jacob Cope, Fort Herriman Middle School

#UCET16 Award Nominees

Good things are happening Utah schools!  44 teachers and leaders were nominated for the UCET Awards this year. The winners will be announced at the opening session of #UCET16 on Thursday, March

 Congratulations to all of these outstanding nominees:

#UCET16 Award Nominees



UCET Awards Spotlight

UCET loves to recognize innovative technology leaders who are impactful agents for change.  Last year, the Outstanding Leader was awarded to Jared Ward.  Read more about him below and consider nominating an outstanding leader for #UCET 16. Nominations are due Feburary 11, 2016 using this nomination form.

Jared Ward “Jared makes technology accessible and less intimidating to virtually every teacher he works with.   He has helped teachers at Brighton and Jordan High become excited about using Canvas, Chromebooks, iPads, and other technology.  Through his persistent and compassionate teaching, he helps even the most resistant teachers understand how these tools can make their classrooms better and help their students be more engaged.”

UCET Awards Spotlight

UCET loves to recognize innovative teachers who effectively integrate technology in their classrooms. Last year, the Outstanding Teacher was awarded to Glen Andersen.  Read more about him below and consider nominating an outstanding teacher for #UCET 16. Nominations are due Feburary 11, 2016 using this nomination form.

Glen Andersen Glen Andersen – UCET Outstanding Teacher of the Year (Washington County School District, Teacher Grade 5) “ Every time I am in Mr. Andersen's classroom, it strikes me that THIS is what education is about, THIS is what every child deserves.  He understands how technology can individualize and inspire learning in students. I often see his students deeply engaged in work on their ipads whether responding to their classmates or teachers in writing, creating movies, practicing math skills, taking an assessment, or working on a class project.  Our profession needs more “Mr. Andersens”; he not only understands what he needs to do in order to be successful in the classroom, he willingly shares his expertise and passion with all those around him.”


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