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Tricia Jackson has worked for Park City School District since 2005. In July 2013 she moved from Education Technology Specialist to Online Learning Administrator. She has been a member of the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) Board since 2008; becoming Past President in 2015. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Spanish at Utah State University. Lesley University awarded her a Master of Technology in Education in the spring of 2011. Over the last few years, Tricia worked on the Awards, Grants, Program, Conference Credit, and Registration committees for UCET. This work includes: streamlining communication methods, implementing folder structures and naming conventions, using Add-ons in Google Spreadsheets to review and process member submissions to reduce paperwork, continuing refinement of the program creation process via Sched, creating participant and vendor registration forms via BlackPlum, and updating various webpages. She was also instrumental in bringing Jay McFarland and Vicki Davis to UCET 2015 as Keynote Speakers. Tricia enjoyed presenting on time management at SUECON 2015 (

BatchGeo – Collaborative Map Activity

This summer I attended ISTE 2016 in Denver, Colorado. I learned a lot through the various sessions and networking opportunities. Today, I’ll share just one. The session Oh, the Places You Can Go With Google Forms and Add-ons! with Jacki Sloan (@jrsloan64) introduced me to BatchGeo with a Collaborative Mapping Activity. Basically you create a Google Form or Spreadsheet to collect some information and then you copy and paste the spreadsheet info into a website that will map it all. Below is a sample of the map created at ISTE. Feel free to check out some of the other add-ons listed in the presentation: Flubaroo, Summary of Responses, Data Validation, rowCall, Choice Eliminator, formLimiter, Form Notification, Drive Word Cloud. Comment below or email us to share your favorite Google Add-On or Extension.


CyberCamp for CyberCorps! Presenters Needed

The text of this post comes from Clint Stephens at Southwest Educational Development Center, SEDC.

SEDC is sponsoring a CyberCamp for students involved in the CyberCorps program in 20 schools in Utah on May 13-14, 2016 in Cedar City. This is our first CyberCorps student camp since 2008, and we are thrilled to have this program back! CyberCorps students are the first line of defence to support teachers using technology in schools. You can learn more about CyberCorps here

We would love to have you join us at the CyberCamp to share your expertise and to lead our students in some high quality, hands-on technical training. Sessions will be three hours in length, and we will have four sessions over the course of the two day camp. 

Please take a look at the camp session idea list. If there is a topic there that you are able and willing to present, please fill out the presenter form linked below. If there is a topic that you are passionate about that could benefit these students that is not on the list, please submit the presenter form anyway and we will certainly consider it.

CyberCorps CyberCamp 2016 – Presentation Proposal Form

SEDC will provide lodging for any presenters coming in from outside of Iron County, as well as an awesome CyberCorps 2016 T-shirt. You are also more than welcome to join the students for lunch with all of the pizza and soda you care for! 

This camp has traditionally been a great experience for all involved, and this year should be no exception. Please let me know if you have any questions at all, and thanks for your time, effort and participation!

Let the Mule do the work

The formMule Add-On for Google Sheets has become one of my favorite add-ons. “formMule sends targeted, personalized emails from a Google Sheet.  Run as either a manual email merge or — more powerfully — as a triggered merge that runs automatically on form submit.”

This year UCET will be using formMule to help us with the conference credit we award after the conference. Based on your request you will receive an email specific to SUU Credit, USOE Credit or Licensure points. 

Check out the video to see how formMule works.

Here are some of the suggested uses of formMule.

  • “Build your own self-correcting Google Forms assessments that auto-send results and/or learning resources upon form submit.
  • Set up a website contact form that uses branching logic to reach the correct person's inbox depending upon the nature of the request.
  • Manage registrations, signups, or other workflows where you need to move lots of people through a multi-stage process using email reminders and Form submissions.
  • Create a student referral system with branching logic, e.g. different email templates and recipients for different referral types.”

Attendee Registration Now Open!!

Join the tech madness at the 2016 UCET conference, and learn ways in which you can use technology in teaching and learning! Attendee registration is now open. –

Conference Registration Fees

Early Bird Registration (November-January):

  • $60 for both days
  • $42 for one day

Regular Registration (February-March):

  • $70 for both days
  • $52 for one day

College Student Discount:

  • $30 for both days

The UELMA Deal!

We have special pricing for those of you who are registered to attend UELMA on March 18th. We would love for you to attend the UCET conference on Thursday, and attend UELMA on Friday for a great discount!

  • $30 for Thursday with proof that are registered to attend UELMA on Friday


Registration Helpful Hints

There are a couple of items that you should know about the billing information section of the attendee registration form: 

  • If you are registering for one day only, please use “Thursday” or “Friday” for the field “Do you have a comp code?” (You will still need a billing address, but can ignore the rest.)
  • If you are registering as a student, please use “student” for the field “Do you have a comp code?” (You will still need a billing address, but ignore the rest.)
  • If your district is paying for your registration, please use the group code your district gave you by typing it into the “Code for Payment” field. (Please do not fill out the billing information fields.)
  • If you are the person paying for your district, please contact Robert Gordon to get a group code. (

Back to SUECON 2015 Thoughts

This past weekend I had the opportunity to head Back to SUECON 2015 in St. George. You can learn a bit more about the history of this conference here. I love attending this conference because of the great content, the chance to visit with educators from the southern part of the state, and the opportunity to visit with my grandmother, aunts and uncles. Of course, the weather is always a nice plus too. Now, back to the content this year and a few things I learned that I’d like to share with you. I was able to attend NearPod for Admins, Tech Tools to Challenge Gender Stereotypes, Changing the Narrative on Public Education – Saturday Keynote, Lessons Learned from Finland, and Students and the Target Language. I also presented a couple of sessions called Time Travel Now and spent some time at the UCET table.

I learned NearPod can be used for faculty meetings to help participants stay on topic and to gather feedback on faculty decisions in the moment. Also, you can add in a NearPod activity on the fly rather than have the whole presentation planned out in advance. I was challenged to rethink which technologies to use with young people of either gender to help expand their learning. You can challenge your own thinking by learning more about this topic through Michael’s post here. Tami Pyfer displayed grace under pressure when the tech went awry during her keynote. I love that she is helping educators understand how to challenge what is being said in the media and meetings around the state. I should have looked a bit more closely at the other two presentations she had this last weekend. If you are not following @tpyfer on Twitter, you really should. One of the biggest takeaways I got from the Finland session is how willing they are to learn from educators that come to visit them. I was also just a smidgen envious of the presenters’ trip. You can view Natalie and John’s presentation via Prezi and start saving to join the 2017 trip back to Finland. In the last session I attended, I had fun working with some language teachers to practice the Info Gap technique through a series of worksheets. I was paired with a French teacher who had some Spanish in high school. I speak no French beyond Bonjour! I enjoyed speaking a language I hadn’t practiced before and just listening to different ways to teach. For those readers that may not know me, I’m actually a database trained techie geek who occasionally teaches community ed classes on iPad basics and Microsoft Office. I need all the help I can get to figure out how to teach better as it is not something I’ve been trained to do. I think this is why I found the last session so much fun. It was completely unrelated to my daily job duties.

If you’re wondering what I might have used in my Time Travel Now presentation, wonder no more. I really love I reviewed some of the principles I learned through their courses on Time Management Fundamentals and Going Paperless. I also showed an example or two from The Together Group – 9 Steps to Get Started. Another resource I’ve used in the past are Vicki Davis’ posts on Time Management and Productivity with her Cool Cat Teacher Blog. She has several so you’ll want to do a quick search to see which might be most beneficial for you. Now, the apps I’ve found most helpful in managing my time are Mailbox app, Google Calendar through Calendars 5, Evernote, Scanner Pro and Notability. I’ve also gotten very fond of saying “Hey Siri, email work subject to do” and then stating my to do item. This gets my to do out of my head (never use your mind as a gathering place) and into my email where I’ll see it and add it to my calendar somewhere. If it’s on the calendar it’s much more likely to actually get completed. Well, I think that’s all I have for today folks. Please let me know if you find my suggestions useful or if you have any other questions. Also, don’t forget to join us tonight for the #utedchat on #suecon2015 Highlights. You’ll be able to learn from the conference even if you couldn’t make it down. Take care and have a great day!

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