Awards – 2017

Congratulations to the following UCET Award winners announced during the opening session of the #UCET17 on Thursday, March 16, 2017, at the University of Utah.                                      


Rick is the Educational Technology Specialist at USBE, and has worked for decades at the state and national level. His reputation is impeccable.  He knows and is well respected by key national and state leaders.  He truly loves teaching an learning.  And to top it off, his personality is easygoing and fun. 
For the past several years, Rick leveraged his knowledge and was essential to the conception, crafting and documentation with districts to bring about the state Digital Teaching and Learning master plan.
Rick has served on the board of SETDA (State Educational Tech Directors Association) including a stint as the board chair where he interacted with national leaders promoting best practices of technology integration.



 OUTSTANDING LEADER: Cody Spendlove, Alpine School District

Cody Spendlove is the Ed Tech Curriculum Director in Alpine. He is the essence of leadership excellence. He is a champion of Alpine’s teachers. He knows how to get folks in the boat and pulling the oars in the same direction. Working in Alpine District, Cody also benefits the state, He knows how to communicate about the role of public education and the value of ed tech.  One of the best things about Cody is that he is always willing to take time to talk and think through the tough ed tech issues Utah is facing at the district, region and state levels.
Cody earned his CETL (Certified Educational Technology Leader) three years ago. It’s a national certification. The past two years he’s been mentoring other Utah ed tech leaders and helping run the Utah CETL cohorts program where others are earning their national certification. He also helps conduct National CETL trainings.


 OUTSTANDING  EDUCATOR : Ben Smith, Rowland Hall

Ben kindled a passion for Computer Science at Rowland Hall after completing his masters in Instructional Design and Education Technology at the University of Utah. Several years ago, the CS offerings were limited and disconnected and Ben saw the opportunity in working with stakeholders throughout the school to begin to formulate a schoolwide CS curriculum.  
Ben was instrumental in forming a Computer Science track including AP courses and a Joy of Computing course. He has also developed an Arduino for Middle School course in which students explore the Internet of Things by creating projects using Arduino microcontrollers. This curriculum has been so successful, Ben has presented it in regional conferences over the last several years.
Ben was also integral to securing grant funding for a redesigned learning space which became the Middle and High School Makerspaces. Through Ben’s guidance, the space became a fruitful laboratory for design, creation, and innovation.

OUTSTANDING YOUNG EDUCATOR: Ashley Lennox, Draper Elementary

Ashley Lennox is an outstanding young educator who combines creativity, technology use, classroom management, and superior teaching skills to create a classroom where all students learn and achieve. Don’t let her easy-going nature fool you — she is a skilled educator who knows how to reach each individual student. Ashley is first in line to write grants, implement new technology, and combine the tools she receives to improve her pedagogy and focus on educational priorities. For example, right now in her classroom Ashley has a Chromebook lab, iPads, an iPod Touch lab, a Sphero lab, and Makey Makey kits. Unlike in some classrooms, these tools don’t just sit. Ashley uses these resources masterfully to engage her students in the curriculum in new ways and push beyond the traditional walls of the classroom. She also happens to have exercise balls for chairs, an iguana, a chameleon, a turtle, and an altogether interactive classroom and teaching style that encourages students to think, problem solve, and create. When entering her classroom, what becomes instantly obvious is the passion Ashley has for teaching and learning and the love she has for her students. She motivates, encourages, and inspires.

UCET 2017 Award Nominees

ISTE Making it Happen

  • Ben Smith, Rowland Hall
  • Rick Gaisford, USBE
  • Bri Pela, Provo School District
  • Deborah Morgan, Sevier School District
  • Dallas Gledhill, Provo School District

Outstanding Leader

  • Courtney Johnson, Alpine School District
  • Jamie Hagan, Wasatch School District
  • Bret McCabe, Provo School District
  • Brett Zabell, Wasatch School Disrict
  • Sarah Weston, Mountain Heights Academy
  • Cody Spendlove, Alpine School District
  • Tim Smith, Cache County School District
  • Sam Mitchell, Granite School District
  • Joe Keddington, Good Foundations Academy

Outstanding Teacher

  • Kim Parsons, South Sevier School District
  • Landon Ashcroft, InTech Collegiate High School
  • Keenan Hart, Iron County School District
  • Kelly Witkowski, Odgen School District
  • Staci Rodriguez, Salt Lake City School District
  • Richard Peterson, South Sanpete School District
  • Wendy Radke, South Summit School District
  • Daniel Potter, Alpine School District
  • Matt Hiatt, Provo School District
  • Angie Frabasilio, Washington County School District
  • Cindy Butterfield, South Summit School District
  • Scott Brady, South Sevier School District
  • Ben Smith, Rowland Hall High School

Outstanding Young Educator

  • Jeremiah Tijerina, Dixon Middle School
  • Matthew Rhees, North Sevier Middle School
  • Amanda Lotine,  Old Mill Elementary School
  • Ashley Lennox, Draper Elementary School
  • Jordann Vaha, Manti High School
  • Danae Huizenga, Canyons School District
  • Stuart Baggaley, Edith Bowen Laboratory School









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