Awards – 2018

Congratulations to the following UCET Award winners announced during the opening session of the #UCET18 on Thursday, March 15, 2018, at the University of Utah.                                      


Nominated by Rick Gaisford, USBE

Sarah is the perfect example of why this award was created, to recognize an individual that in the performance of her job activities leads and inspires change and really makes it happen. For the past 2 years Sarah has guided the Utah Digital Teaching and Learning Program.  From day 1 her goal was that this DTL program would impact every district, school teacher and student in the state. Currently 40 of 41 schools districts and over 40 charter schools are participating. During the initial application time Sarah spoke with or visited districts and schools all over the state offering advice and encouragement. Now hundreds of schools and thousands of students all over Utah are being impacted by the work she has led. She has deftly created a community around the DTL program that includes educators, state and local leadership, policymakers and others all working to make this program successful. As a career educator I have never seen someone make such a profound impact and lead such monumental change in such short amount of time. Sarah Young has made IT happen here in Utah and for efforts in leading the DTL program, and has earned in every way this award.

 OUTSTANDING LEADER: Tim Smith, Cache County School District

In the words of Cache District’s Superintendent, Steve Norton, “Tim Smith is an outstanding member of our leadership team here in the Cache County School District. I have never, in my educational career, seen anyone make a greater impact on a district than Tim has made on this district.”  One of the tasks Tim took on when he was first hired as the technology leader for Cache District was to work closely with UETN to provide a district technology evaluation for his own district’s technology department.  Based on its success, the evaluation soon became a service that many of the other districts have asked UETN to provide. Because of Tim’s leadership in this area, many districts see technology department evaluations as an absolute necessity and they have become a normal practice.   Over the last couple of years, the Cache District has been very effective in supporting and running CyberCorps,  a program that provides training to high school students who in turn provide technology training and support in their school. Not only has Tim provided leadership for this in his own district, but has been instrumental in developing this into a statewide project.  He played a major role in writing the grant that provided funding for CyberCorps in 22 schools throughout the state. Tim’s work ethic is inspiring to all those that associate with him.  He works long hours to ensure educational technology is meaningful and relevant, not only to his district, but to the entire state. He is a true educational technology leader.

 OUTSTANDING  EDUCATOR : James Rees, Provo High School

James Rees is an exceptionally accomplished artist who is also a remarkable teacher. He continually pushes his professional practice through the creative exploration of technology and consistently evaluates his own teaching practice.  An example of a current approach of technology use in his classroom is a digital storytelling project where students share immigration experiences and explore the question, “Who is an American today? He currently uses video conferencing to bring professional artists into the classroom where they interact with his students.  Recently he had a guest juror Facetime into the classroom to critique and award prizes for an in-school art contest. This innovating use of technology breaks down the barriers of the classroom walls and literally connects students to ‘real world’ experiences which expands their knowledge and furthers their understanding of the arts into a wider arena.

OUTSTANDING YOUNG EDUCATOR: Dave Horan, Freedom Elementary School

In the words of his administrator, “Dave Horan is the best person for this award because of his hard work and dedication to the success of his students.  The technology that he uses inside the classroom is only integrated if its purpose matches his essential learning outcomes of the students.” His influence as a technology leader is not limited to his own classroom. On a school level, he is in charge of coaching other teachers in appropriate and effective use of technology, working with school teams and hosting such events as Tech Tuesday. He has had on impact on the entire Alpine District by helping to develop the Technology Standards which are used district-wide. On a state level, Dave is a frequent presenter at conferences, an active participant in #utedchat and #4thedchat, and a member of the Hope Street group, an education advocacy organization. With his active social media presence, @downrightdave constantly shares the positive things happening in his classroom with the larger community.

UCET 2018 Award Nominees

ISTE Making it Happen

  • Cherie Anderson, Granite School District
  • Aaron Brewer, San Juan School District
  • Camille Cole, Canyon School District
  • Blaine Edman, Alpine School District
  • Gloria Kelly, Utah Online School
  • Haley McCall, Jordan School District
  • Mashell Stott, Provo School District
  • Sarah Young, USBE

Outstanding Leader of the Year

  • Krystle Bassett, Juab School District
  • Tony Campbell, Washington School District
  • Darren Draper, Alpine School District
  • Chad Duncan, Provo School District
  • Heather Goodwin-Nelson, Utah Virtual Academy
  • Bret McCabe, Provo School District
  • Ed Mondragon, Granite School District
  • Lynn Raymond, Weber School District
  • Keith Reidford, Granite School District
  • Wendy Rush, Utah Virtual Academy
  • Tim Smith, Cache County School District
  • Travis Thurston, USU
  • Sue Winkler, Davis School District

Outstanding Teacher

  • Tina Crofts, San Juan School District
  • Jordyn Dixon, Jordan School District
  • Nathanael Gardner, Jordan School District
  • Dave Horan, Alpine School District
  • Taunya James, Weber School District
  • Stephanie Leffler, Granite School District
  • Margaret McAndrews, Granite School District
  • Haley McCall, Jordan School District
  • Ryan Oldroyd, Jordan School District
  • James Rees, Provo School District
  • Nicole Reitz-Larsen, Salt Lake City School District
  • Becky Rendell, Jordan School District
  • Judy Rose, Provo School District
  • Sam Thompson, Park City School District
  • Deidre Tyler, SLCC

Outstanding Young Educator

  • Chelsey Beck, Nebo School District
  • Maddy Bragg, Nebo School District
  • Ruby Fisher, Jordan School District
  • Dave Horan, Alpine School District
  • Jordann Vaha, South Sanpete School District

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