Duolingo: Free Language Learning Online!


What is it? Duolingo is a program that helps individuals learn languages. It’s completely free and is offered as a website or as an application on digital devices.
What kind of resources are offered?  There are various modules to help aid individuals in language learning. In addition, Duolingo has free podcasts available for users to listen to. Duolingo also has a feature called Duolingo for Schools where teachers can create a dashboard and create assignments for students. Teachers simply give students the access code and will be able to access the assignments. Teachers can easily track the progress of their students. Duolingo for Schools can be accessed through duolingo. The site will simply walk through the steps on how to access resources to be used in the classroom. 
Who can this benefit?  Anyone who is interested in learning a language could benefit greatly from Duolingo.  In addition, this resource could assist foreign language educators. With increasing language immersion programs, this tool could help aid learning in those specific environments as well. 
How to use it?
1.  Download Duolingo on device or go to duolingo.com to access the website. 2.  Select Get Started3.  Select which language you want to learn. 4.  Select the purpose for learning. 5.  Set a daily goal for language practice 6.  Start at the basics or take a placement test 7.  Participate in language plan Duolingo has customized for you based on the answers given in steps 2-4. 8.  Create a free account if you want to save your progress. 

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