Button Swap

Each year at the annual UCET conference we have a button exchange where you can trade and share button with your fellow educators.

Please only bring 1″ size buttons to swap

UCET will again create a commemorative official button that all attendees receive upon check-in.

We encourage individuals, districts, schools, teams and others to create button that they can bring to the conference and trade with others.


Buttons should only be 1″ (one inch diameter) in size. This standard size makes it easy for attendees to create collections, proudly display them on their lanyard and trade trade trade easily!

Buttons should contain no vulgar, hate speech, demeaning, racist, negative, political, sensitive or damaging content in any way. Remember, lets’ keep it light and fun. Promote your school, team or district.


Goosechase is an online scavenger hunt. Attendees earn points for completing missions. The more points you earn, the better chance you have of earning a prize at the end.

For each mission, there are one of two submission types. Attendees can submit photo/video (videos are up to 30 seconds) or text (usually 1-2 words).

Some example missions might include:

1. Visit a partner booth and take a selfie.
2. Ask the partner booth manager for a secret word.
3. Find a partner company on social media and give a “Like” or “Follow.” This could be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The answer/submission would be for attendees to submit a screenshot of them liking or following you on social media.
4. Send a tweet thanking a partner company for being at UCET. Submit a picture of that tweet. Please include the #UCET
5. Visit a partner website or a special page created for UCET. Attendees find a secret word or a special logo with your company and UCET’s logo together. 
6. Attend a partner session! The presenter can give out a magic word or have a slide that attendees will need to take a picture of to submit.

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