The MacLovin” Freebie Bundle – eight different Mac apps – free

The MacLovin' Freebie Bundle offers Lifetime access to the eight different apps to help make your life as a Mac user easier! 

Included in the bundle is: 

  • PDF Creator Pro for Mac (Reg. price $69.95): Share and manage your Mac's files more efficiently. 
  • Photolemur (Reg. price $36): Automatically enhance photos without any complex editing tools. 
  • Music Cleanup for Mac (Reg. price $59.95): Organize and manage your entire music library. 
  • MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Reg. price $69.95): Never lose Apple data to when you upgrade or switch devices again! 
  • Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac (Reg. price $29.95): Convert your DVD movies into digital files for optimal convenience and enjoyment. 
  • WindowManager (Reg. price $14.99): Boost your productivity by automatically splitting the screen on your mac. 
  • MacX MediaTrans (Reg. price $29.95): The ultimate file manager! 
  • Video Download Capture for Mac (Reg. price $12.95): Build your own video library pulling straight from the web. 

This bundle would normally run over $300 for these great apps, but right now [you can get them all for free!( Whether you plan to make use of all the apps or just some of them, you just can't beat the value of free! 

iOS Favorite: Anything by Readdle

Readdle is a company with a mission. "Our mission is to make people more productive by enabling technology to millions. We strive to create the best experiences on mobile and desktop for those who want to be more productive."

They have several apps, some of which I use daily; Calendars 5, Scanner Pro and now Spark.

I love the look and feel of Calendars 5 on my iPhone and iPad. The amazing number of calendars (Google, Apple and Reminders) I can actually connect to this app saves me quite a bit of time. I pretty much live in Day view but will swtich to Week and Month view on a regular basis. I have to admit Agenda view is not my favorite but if I were an Agenda type person the layout for this is good. On Sundays, I'll typically use my iPad to drag and drop projects/scheduled to-dos from one week to the next. This helps me see what I didn't get finished up and how to work it in to the coming week.

My Scanner Pro is connected to Dropbox and three different Google Drives. I can scan my receipts, meeting handouts, notes and my nephew's homework in color or black & white in PDF or image formats. I even have a workflow set up that will name the file, send it to a specific folder in Dropbox and then delete if from the phone to save space. My nephew is not so thrilled about homework but does like sending it straight to his teachers just in case he forgets to turn it in the next day. I was just glad to get my tax documents all collected and sent to my family accountant with the easy multi-page scan feature.

Spark. Ah Spark. I am so enjoying all your many features. I was very disappointed when Mailbox by Dropbox went the way of the dust. I found CloudMagic as a replacement and it became Newton. While this did have many of the features I was looking for it has become just a little pricey. Enter Spark. My happiness is restored. One key feature for me is the syncing from my iOS devices and my MacBook Pro. I monitor roughly 10 to 12 different email addresses. I need a mail client that will keep them in sync and have the same shortcuts/swipe actions from device to device. I also really, really love the snooze feature. I can make it to Inbox Zero once a week just setting three or four emails to come back tomorrow, tomorrow evening, this weekend, next week, or any day of my choosing. I also like the Quick Replies. Spark comes with four built in quick replies but you can change/add to them in preferences. This is a great way to handle canned responses.

Overall, I love these three tools from Readdle. This definitely inspires me to take a closer look at their other offerings for PDF manipluation and printing. Take a look and let me know which apps are your favorites.

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