Free iOS App Today: 123D Design for Education (Autodesk) Design for Education


* This app has reduced functionality and is designed for use in educational settings. *

Create amazing 3D designs, right on your iPad! 

With Autodesk 123D Design for Education what you design is up to you. 

How it works
* Get started by choosing one of the basic shapes and then edit it to be just what you want. 
* Easily connect one shape to another to make more detailed designs. Objects snap naturally to the centers of faces.
* The included parts and example projects are a fun way to play around with design ideas or get acclimated to design concepts. 
* Chose from one of the example kits and start building. Each part is editable so you can try out different ideas and make them your own.


Free iOS App Today: Handy Timetable

Handy Timetable


Handy Timetable is simple and easy application to manage courses and lessons.
Design your school life using Handy Timetable !!

【 Features 】
– Easy to use and intuitive interface
– Simple to confirm the class hour of each class
– Simple memo for each course
– Assignment and exam schedule of each course able to be stored
– Separating A and B we ek into making two kinds of timetable
– Easy to share timetable using twitter and email
– Making timetable to image able to be stored into photo album
– Free to designate the extent of both week and periods
– The axises position of week and classes can be altered

# Please send emails to if you have any issues and find bugs.
# following is quick to let you know the latest news about Handy Timetable


Free iOS App: Remind: Safe Classroom Communication


Remind offers teachers a free, safe and easy-to-use way to instantly text students and parents. Teachers can send or schedule reminders, assignments, homework, assessments, or motivational messages directly to students' and parents' phones. Interactions are safe because phone numbers are always kept private and messages are one-way only. Teachers, students and parents can see messages from all classes in one place.

For students and parents, Remind provides an easier way to stay informed outside of the classroom. Students and parents can download the app and opt-in to receive messages faster with push notifications, so they never miss a beat! 

Use Remind to send free text messages to save time, engage students and involve parents with your class. Try it today! And if you love it, share it with your colleagues or write a review! 

BUZZFEED: 25 Clever Classroom Tips for Elementary School Teachers
“Use the Remind (formerly Remind101) app to communicate with kids and their parents without having to exchange phone numbers”

POWER TO TEACH: “With students carrying smartphones every where they go, using Remind as a tool to communicate with them just makes sense, especially when it is free and the privacy of everyone involved in protected.”

PARENTING: According to a study conducted by Harvard University, on average, teacher-family communication increased the odds a student completed their homework by 42 percent and decreased instances in which teachers had to redirect students' attention to the task at hand by 25 percent. Parent-teacher communication is clearly key to a student's success, and Remind can help.


Free iOS App Today: Math and Physics Scientific Calculator and Physics Scientific Calculator


“At last the calculator that we need ⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟

Physics grads/students this is the calculator you must have. I have at least 4 other calculators on my phone all of which are good for certain things. This one is excellent at all things I need. One minor gripe, for ease of use could do with a clear button on screen but all else it's top marks . Good form!“

Scientific calculator with 140+ functions, 600+ units and 60+ math any physical variables.

Can solve equations, derive and integrate functions, work with matrices, vectors, has currency converter

No internet connection needed! (except for currency rate refresh)


Free iOS App Today: Guitar chords – eHands – Virtual Chord Finder

Guitar Chords - eHand Virtual Chord Finder



A virtual display guitar chords. Perfect for everyone. Displays three positions of each chord. HD image quality for popular chords. Also Displays three variations of popular Major scales and minor scales. Tap Guitar to see variations. Tap play button to hear sound.

Beginners will love this app. So simple.. No more confusion while learning chords.

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