Deep Dive into Google Keep

You may not have heard of Google Keep, but you NEED to know about it. Keep is an incredible and easy to use tool for organizing all of the bits of information busy educators tend to collect whenever, wherever, that always seems to get lost. Keep allows you to bring together notes, links, photos, really anything you can grab with your computer, tablet and phone! Beyond gathering and organizing your digital ‘stuff,’ you can share your notes, collaborate with others, set reminders… even drag-n-drop text and photos into your Google Docs! Review the slides below, watch Google Keep in action in Chrome and on a mobile device, and start to make Google Keep an integral part of your daily workflow.

Video Demo of Google Keep in Action:

Chrome Extension: Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

I was recently made aware of this Chrome Extension. I can't wait to try it out on HelpDesk entries and email replies. I look forward to reading how you might make use of this.

"Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type! Ever get tired of typing out long email addresses, phrases you frequently use, or just looking to save keystrokes as you type? Well fear not! Auto Text Expander is here to solve that — kinda like TextExpander for Mac or AutoText for Windows, but installed and synced across Chrome browsers!"

"This free (and ad-free) extension adds basic javascript to your pages to check if your last set of consecutive keystrokes matches any of any number of custom shortcuts you can define and expands and replaces that text as you type. Save time, typos, and the satisfaction of being extra lazy!" – Text from Chrome Web Store description

BatchGeo – Collaborative Map Activity

This summer I attended ISTE 2016 in Denver, Colorado. I learned a lot through the various sessions and networking opportunities. Today, I’ll share just one. The session Oh, the Places You Can Go With Google Forms and Add-ons! with Jacki Sloan (@jrsloan64) introduced me to BatchGeo with a Collaborative Mapping Activity. Basically you create a Google Form or Spreadsheet to collect some information and then you copy and paste the spreadsheet info into a website that will map it all. Below is a sample of the map created at ISTE. Feel free to check out some of the other add-ons listed in the presentation: Flubaroo, Summary of Responses, Data Validation, rowCall, Choice Eliminator, formLimiter, Form Notification, Drive Word Cloud. Comment below or email us to share your favorite Google Add-On or Extension.


KQED Teach – free, self-paced courses for K-12 educators to develop media skills

KQED Teach, which launched on July 11, provides a series of free, self-paced courses to help K-12 educators develop the media skills necessary to bring media production and communication to their learning environments. These courses will take place in an online platform developed by KQED Education that tracks user progress and encourages sharing and feedback through an integrated social community. KQED Teach participants will have access to a wide range of social media and digital media tools allowing them to construct and remix media in multiple formats and across a variety of platforms while addressing many writing, reading, speaking and listening skills required by both the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science StandardsRead more.




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