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We often hear that we need to find our passion in education, that one thing that helps you get out of bed each morning excited to head off to school for another day.  For some that can pose quite the challenge.  For others, they seem to find their purpose in even the most trivial of tasks.  At UCET 2016, we asked 18 educators, students, and administrators to share one of their educational causes – in 5 minutes or less.  They were up to the challenge!  The Ignite! sessions proved to be some of the best of conference and we want to share them with you!  Below you'll find a playlist with all 18 videos – what a great way to ignite your passion this week!

Apps Closing Down

Sad Clyde - Katch
Image Source: Sad Clyde via @KatchHQ
I hate when a particular technology tool or service I have come to rely on and love decides it has to shut down. The only thing worse than losing one well-loved tool is losing multiple tools and that's exactly what's happening within the first few days in May!

The excellent Katch, which was designed to allow you to "catch" your Periscope and/or Meerkat live stream videos so they could be watched later than the 24-hour limit, will be closing shop on Wednesday, May 4th. Although I was still new to using Katch to save my Periscope videos, I was really looking forward to creating a nice backlog of some excellent experiences. I do have a couple of videos uploaded there so I'll have to do something about them soon! And what about the video we took from #UCET16, what will happen to those? We'll pull them off and save them another way.

If you go to the Katch.me homepage you are greeted with the announcement as well as a link to the Medium article they wrote explaining the reason for the shutdown. There is also a timeline of when you need to take care of your videos currently stored on their site. The team has created two options for you to either export your videos to YouTube or just download them to your hard drive.

Either option just makes me more and more sad, especially since we used Periscope at #UCET16 and then used Katch to save the video. We will probably just pull them off and then upload them to our UCET YouTube channel instead, so don't worry too much about those videos being lost. But on a personal note, I'm saddened because the #PassTheScopeEDU event I participated in last week, and hope to continue with into the future, was based on using Periscope and then Katch to save the video. I'll be working with those folks to find some other way to save those videos now.

So why is Katch shutting down? According to their Medium Post:

We always saw Katch as a Hulu for live streaming. But if we were going to get there, we would need more resources (money, people, servers, time) that would enable us to move quickly to adapt to the increasingly competitive landscape and to mature the features for a wider group of users. We simply haven’t been able to secure the capital to do that.

And if losing Katch wasn't enough, I will also be losing the excellent Copy sync tool on Sunday, May 1st! I've known about the ending of Copy for a while longer than that of Katch, but I think Copy closing is hitting me harder because I have been using it for longer. Copy was a great syncing tool similar to Dropbox except that it offered more initial space for free. For example, I had 25 GB for free simply because I followed their onboarding tips. Such a waste!

Copy Ending May 1
The tear-inducing pop-up Copy users have been seeing for weeks!

According to the Copy.com homepage, the reason for the shutdown has to do with the need to reallocate resources to other areas of the company.

Copy and CudaDrive have provided easy-to-use cloud file services and sharing functionality to millions of users the past 4+ years. However, as our business focus has shifted, we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue the Copy and CudaDrive services and allocate those resources elsewhere.

If you have been to any of my training sessions at UCET, SUECON, or URSA, you will know that I have been a proponent of using Copy for a while and now I will have to look elsewhere for recommendations. While I do you Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, I liked that I had another great service that offered a free-tier to recommend to educators. I guess it's back to the drawing board for what other tools can I use.

I guess the moral of the story here is that if you love a service or tool then you need to find a way to send them money to help support the developers or else this is a possible fate. That's why I try to pay for services I find absolutely imperative to my workflow. Would I have paid for both Katch and Copy if given the chance? Possibly, but I guess I'll never know now.

This post was edited from a post that originally appeared on EdTechBabble.net.

UCET was Great…Now What?

Isn't that the question we always ask ourselves when we get done with a conference or training.  I learned all of this great stuff, now what do I do with it? How do I implement it? Where do I start? What's the best way to incorporate this? 

Going to a great conference like UCET often provides us with a lot of resources, but sometimes it often leaves us with a lot of questions.  When I go to a conference I always feel so overwhelmed with so much great stuff that I want to start in my classroom, but for some reason or another I tend to falter and I put those ideas on a shelf for another day. Here are some tips that may help you implement some of the ideas you learned about at UCET. 

1. Try to focus on one thing that you could implement today and do that thing. I know there were a lot of great sessions, but focus on the one that would be the biggest boost to your teaching right now. The problem we sometimes have is that we want to do everything. That burns you out and you end up not doing any of them.  A great mentor teacher of mine once said, "Every year you should add one thing to your teaching that pushes you to become better." I've taken that advice and it's changed my teaching for the better. 

2. Don't let perfection interfere with progress. Kevin Honeycutt presented at UCET one year and he mentioned one thing that has stayed with me.  Don't feel like you have to be an expert at something before you use it with your class.  Half of the time your students will be able to figure it out despite you.  Also, it's good to show your students that you don't know everything, but that you are learning all of the time just like they are. 

3. Don't go at it alone. Stay in contact with teachers you met at UCET, the presenters, and share your ideas with teachers at your school.  It helps to work with others so that you can bounce ideas off of each other.  

Keeping Up with #UCET16 via Social Media

UCET Stickers2We are so excited that #UCET16 is almost here! But how do you plan to keep up with all the #TechMadness happening over the two amazing days at the University of Utah? Why not follow the different UCET Official Social Media accounts and connect with us and the other educators who are attending the conference both in person and online?

Twitter: Twitter.com/UCET

Instagram: Instgram.com/UCETorg

Facebook: Facebook.com/UCETorg

Pinterest: Pinterest.com/UCETorg

Periscope: Periscope.tv/UCETorg

Meerkat: MeerkatApp.com/UCET

Katch: Katch.me/UCET

We want to draw your attention to the last couple accounts as we have just added Periscope and Meerkat to our ranks. We will be using these two accounts quite a bit while at #UCET16 to record and share the amazing things we are seeing amongst you outstanding educators. They are both video capture and streaming apps, but their schtick is they only keep the videos active for 24 hours. While this may work for some things, we want to keep our videos for longer, this is where Katch comes into play. Katch allows us to keep our Periscope and Meerkat videos for as long as we wish, which is more of what we want. So take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them and get ready for some great video sharing!

As you are learning about new and exciting things, take a moment and share them out online and be sure to use one of our official hashtags so others can follow along as well. We will be using #UCET16 and #TechMadness to track our thoughts at the conference and hope you’ll join us too!

Thanks for coming with us on this wild educational ride! We look forward to seeing you at #UCET16 as we learn about #TechMadness!

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