Sugarcane: Create Your Own Educational Games!

Sugarcane: Create Your Own Educational Games! 

Sugarcane offers educators and students a way to easily create learning games and access existing games. Students in grades 6-12 can create challenges for peers, or teachers can create games for different groups of students. It’s pretty simple. First you create your educational data set that you’d like to base your game on. Then you can apply that data set to any of eighteen game templates to create your game. Games include: Grid matching Concentration Choose the Match That’s a Match Which Match is Wrong? Flash Cards What’s Connected? Type the Facts Fact Grid Guess That Item Recall them All Put in Order Put in Order Ultimate Before or After Let’s Compare Choose the Category What Belongs? Click to Spell You can also explore and use all the games that other Sugarcane users have created. And the games you create can be shared with the world. Watch the video for a brief introduction to Sugarcane. I think you’ll find this to be a useful, fun tool!

Watch a wonderful video tutorial by Technology for Teachers and Students – YouTube Channel

Free Download for Educators: Experience Mars in Virtual Reality With Mars 2030

Free Download for Educators: Experience Mars in Virtual Reality With Mars 2030

Audience: All Educators and Museum Staff


Mars 2030 gives players the opportunity to explore the Red Planet. The virtual reality simulation was created using real data to deliver an authentic experience based on what is known about Mars today. A desktop version also is available for players without virtual reality hardware. Complimentary Mars 2030 software is available for educators and museum staff.

The Dinosaur Database! Welcome to the internet’s largest dinosaur database. Check out a random dinosaur, search for one, or look at their interactive globe of ancient Earth! Whether you are a kid, student, or teacher, you’ll find a rich set of dinosaur names, pictures, and facts here. This site is built with PaleoDB, a scientific database assembled by hundreds of paleontologists over the past two decades. curates high quality, realistic illustrations of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures. All credit for images goes to the original authors and creators. If you would like to add a picture, please email them or use this form.


Contraption Maker

Contraption Maker – Solve problems, puzzles, brain teasers while creating wacky machines.  Hands-on problem-solving leads to great fun and independent learning with the right curricular wrap-around to make connections between what kids are doing and what they need to know.

"On its own, Contraption Maker is a wonderfully entertaining game. At this point, the game lacks any structured curriculum or lesson tools (although they're promised in the near future). So, for now, teachers will find that any subject that requires problem-solving, understanding of cause-and-effect, and systems thinking can use this game to bring those points home. Whether bringing up examples in class and having students talk through possible solutions, or having kids play as a means to opening conversations about more serious types of systems and problems, Contraption Maker is a great way to get kids talking and thinking, and to cement learning through experience." (Source)


Virtual worlds can inspire students to try things out in the real world.  Watch Audri's Rube Goldberg Invention.  It's pretty impressive!  See also Algodoo.


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