Coding with Sphero!

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Sphero is a fun, new gadget that engages students in engineering and coding challenges. Learn the basics of using Spheros in your classroom or tech club in this blog post.

What is Sphero?
Sphero is the "original app-enabled robotic ball". When paired with apps on your mobile device, you can drive Sphero with a remote control or program it to perform actions, move in patterns, and even change colors. Find more information about Sphero at

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What apps can I use to control and program Sphero?

How do I teach using Sphero?
SPRK Education is Sphero's site that supplies teachers with free Core lessons to use with Sphero. The lessons are ready to go with very little teacher preparation. The lessons teach Core concepts, like measurement and geometry, along with coding, engineering, and problem solving. Find the SPRK lessons online at Be sure to click on the Core Lessons, Middle School Lessons, and STEM challenges links:

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Why should I teach using Sphero?
It's true that Sphero is fun to play with, but when used alongside apps like Macrolab and Tickle, Sphero is much more. It's a fun way to teach basic coding. It is an engaging way to solve STEM problems. And most importantly it sparks curiosity and encourages inquiry-based and problem-based learning.

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