Ever Want to Jump Off A Cliff?

On Day 2 of #ucet17 you're going to find out just what happens when you jump off a cliff… with a wing suit and a parachute.

Join us Friday morning, March 17th, when our second keynote speaker, Steph Davis, will teach us what it's like to fly. In our current educational landscape change is coming at us faster than we can prepare, maybe as fast as the approaching ground when freefalling from dizzying heights.  As a result we as educators must learn to try new things, take risks, and confront the fear of failure.  During Steph's presentation we will learn how she handles fear, manages risk, and accepts the changes that life brings us all along the way.

sd-slide4-wsjumpSteph Davis is a resident of Moab, Utah and an accomplished rock climber – she is the second woman to free climb El Capitan in one day, and the first woman to free solo The North Face of Castleton Tower outside Moab.  Climbing is only one way she's famous.  When it comes to getting down from her ascents she doesn't take the easy way, instead she has become a world famous base jumper and wing suit flyer travelling the world to create amazing videos, commericials, and assist stunt teams filming scenes for major motion pictures through her company Climb2Fly Productions. (https://filmfestivalflix.com/ambassador/steph-davis/)

In addition to all of these amazing accomplishments she's an active blogger (http://stephdavis.co/blog/), vegan recipe wizard, educator, and professional speaker. 

You can read more about Steph at her website StephDavis.co and pick up a copy of her new book Learning to Fly at Amazon.com in hardback, paperback, or Kilearningtoflyndle format.

Thanks to Steph Davis, UCET is also partnering with one of her sponsors, Osprey Packs, to give a Pixel Backpack to one teacher a month in preparation for #ucet17.  For more information on how to win an Osprey Pixel Pack click here – https://ucet.org/whats-in-your-backpack/

Check out the short video below to see a preview of what you'll experience at Day 2 of #ucet17

Steph Davis speaking reel from steph davis on Vimeo.


Michael Hakkarinen

Michael Hakkarinen specializes in helping teachers engage students in the classroom with technology such as Mac Tools, Google Apps for Educators, iPads and more. He earned a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Maryland at College Park and a Master’s in Elementary Education at Mount Saint Mary’s University, where he also taught Instructional Technology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He was a Technology Resource Teacher in Frederick County, Maryland, where he taught elementary school, and an EdTech for Canyons School District in Utah before joining the UEN PD team in 2014. He currently serves as President of the UCET Board.

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