Featured Speakers for UCET 2023

We are so excited to announce some of the featured speakers at UCET 2023 Conference! We have some great edtech leaders scheduled to present at UCET. 

Eric Curts

headshot for Eric CurtsEric is a nationally recognized edtech speaker at conferences such as ISTE, FETC, and more. He runs the extremely popular education blog Control Alt Achieve and is the leader of Google Educator Group Ohio, where he is based. Eric will be sharing sessions on Google, edtech best practices, and integration of technology tools on both days of UCET. Learn more about Eric on his blog or through his Twitter account.

Dan Ryder

Headshot of Dan RyderDan is a nationally recognized speaker in creativity and what he calls “Rigorous Whimsy”, or the practice of subverting student expectations with creativity. His book with Amy Burvall Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom is a great starting point for any educator looking to be more creative in their classroom. Check out his work on his Twitter account.

Micah Shippee

Headshot for Micah ShippeeMicah is a former educator in New York State and is currently the Director of Education Technology Solutions at Samsung. He is the author of WanderlustEDU, about adopting innovative practices in schools, and the co-author of Reality Bytes, about using AR and VR in K-12 classrooms. He also is a founder of Ready Learner One, which helps schools implement innovative practices and AR/VR. You can learn more about Micah on his Twitter account.

Dee Lanier

Headshot for Dee LanierDee Lanier is a former educator, whose practice focused on equity and design thinking. He is the creator of the Solve in Time design thinking practice and recently published Demarginalizing Design, which focuses on his work within equity and design. You can learn more about Dee on his Twitter account.

Darren Hudgins

Headshot for Darren HudginsDarren is a national expert in the area of digital citizenship and misinformation in schools. His recent book with Jennifer LeGarde Developing Digital Detectives is a great primer for teachers exploring best practices for teaching about misinformation. Learn more about his work on his Twitter account.

The Utah Teacher Fellows

We are so excited to have the Utah Teacher Fellows presenting in UVCC Silver Creek throughout the conference. The Utah Teacher Fellows is a local nonpartisan nonprofit focused on teacher leadership and education advocacy. Join them for innovative sessions on their work supporting Utah educators. 

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