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It’s always growing season on Wonder Farm, where children plant digital seeds and help them grow! In this app, children create a sequence of conditions for the seeds and observe how tomato, cabbage, bean, and carrot plants transform as time passes. Children also mix up a colorful salad using a healthy variety of garden vegetables. Part simulation and part game, Wonder Farm helps children explore how factors like the weather and hungry animals can affect plants’ growth.

• 5 farm areas for play, exploration, and discovery
• Thousands of combinations encourage repeat play and learning
• Adaptive feedback
• Aligns with research-based early science learning trajectories
• No in-app purchases
• No advertising

This app is designed to help children strengthen their science investigation skills and explore the concepts of growth and change as they:
• Identify some of the things a plant needs in order to grow: water, light, and time.
• Identify and describe parts of a sprouting seed and growing plant.
• Begin to pose questions and make predictions about how plants might change over time.
• Identify vegetables as part of a plant (root, stem, leaf, fruit).
• Begin to understand how plants and animals depend on each other.

Wonder Farm and the entire Plants curriculum supplement from Early Science with Nico & Nor™ was rigorously researched and developed specifically for preschool classroom use. The Plants unit contains two apps: Wonder Farm and the Plants Journal. Children and teachers use the Plants Journal to record the growth of real plants they are caring for, to compare data, and to discuss their discoveries.

Each Early Science with Nico & Nor curriculum supplement combines traditional classroom activities with digital learning to promote young children’s engagement with age-appropriate science practices and concepts during circle time, learning centers, read-aloud book sessions, snack time, and outdoor play! 

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