Free iOS App Today – Cut Cut Frames (for making photo collages)


Letter Lure is released! free for 3 days! 

For some user didn't find how to save the template:
Please look at the 'cut' page, the button with name 'save board', that will save your template, and you can find that in templates view with the title 'custom'.

Our users say:

10! – An excellent application that allows flexibility in preparing combine image frame effects. Well done! — ruti59

I'm used to all frame photos looking so similar that this app was a quiet surprise. There are some layouts that I have not seen anywhere else. Very nice! — Cassie36

Is not easy to do.. 1st you cut your frames 2nd you place your pictures.. The zoom in/out is on the bottom little screen.. Like I'd say: "is not easy to do" but once you understand how it works, it is amazing!! Saves 2000X2000 + Thanks developer! Kudos+ — Rava68 

Make your photo frame by cutting a board into pieces freely, and then combine your photos to one picture with endless frame designs! 

Only 4 steps:
1. Cut a board into photo frame, with undo option to recut at anytime, or you can choose a saved frame.
2. Import all images at one time, do some adjustment, scale, move to fit, apply some effects.
3. Adjust the border and background color, pattern.
4. Export to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Email, send a postcard, or save.

Cut cut photo frames, give you the ability to cut your own grids. But wait, the screen is so small, does it make any sense to cut my own frames, all other app only add 7 or 8 photos at most. Ok, think about what if you can export a 3000 x 3000 picture? and we can make you have ten times of grids in that picture. 

It's true, you can cut a frame with tens of grids in it, add photos, apply effects, and if you want to make it looks more colorful, you can even fill the grid with pure colors, not always photos. 

And the great pictures can be any ratio you want. 

Here are the main features we provide: 

Tons of predefined frame designs, pick and use them. 
Choose a ratio, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1, 4:3, and more, you can choose x:x ratio, which means you can customize the ratio. 
For any ratio, you can choose landscape and horizon mode. 
Cut to any number of pieces, any ratio, adjust the border width, color or fill image patterns. 
Undo option while cutting.
Save and reuse your cut frames. 
Import all photos at one time, you don't have to pick photos one by one. 
Apply effects to any photo, and adjust the position, scale for each one. 
You can fill the grid with color, not only photos. 
Export resolutions. You can export small pictures, and you can also export very big ones if you want to, or you have so many photos have imported, and we can automatically check and suggest you the best resolution for your picture, according to the size of photos you have added. 

Make it a card and send to anyone at anywhere in the world! Yes you can do that, and very easy. 

With all the flexible functions, you can create unique pictures with unique frame layout designs, your designs, and just in a few seconds! It's easy, fast, and elegant, with great fun, and so little efforts. 
You can create so amazing pictures, and if you put more time in it, you can find endless possibilities for your photos. 

One app, millions of frames, endless possibilities. 

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