Getting Involved

   Saturday, December 2, I went to a rally for Bear’s Ears at the Utah State Capitol.  It was heartening to see so many people, (5,000 according to KSL) involving themselves in the politics of this country IN A PEACEFUL manner.   I found out afterward that one of my students was there.  Several people I know were there whom I did not see.  

   Little kids were dressed up in teddy bear costumes.  I could not believe how many old people were there, people older than me with canes and walkers.  A little old lady with a walker asked me to sign a petition against gerrymandering.   The protest signs were amazing some very funny, some clever, and some pretty risque.  I had the opportunity to talk to law enforcement.  I started a conversation with a canine officer and ended up talking to his human partner.  Aaron was a very interesting and friendly human and AAros was such a handsome dog.  He was wearing goggles so his eyes would not accidentally get poked by a wayward sign.  

Officers Aaron & AAros

   I ran into one of my friends and a member of my book club while there.  We read mostly non-fiction books like, Hillbilly Elegy, Sons of Witchita: The Koch Brothers, This Fight is Our Fight by Elizabeth Warren.  Every month we whine, “What can we do to make our country better?”   “Encourage people to vote.”  “Have frank discussions.”  “Listen to both sides.”  “Write to our legislators.”

   Going to that rally was something I could DO.  I could be NOT NEUTRAL.  I could take a stand and make my voice heard.  That’s what I did.  I felt empowered, righteous, proud.   It was great.   I wish I could have attended the rally again today but it was not possible.  

   This is what I am going to tell my book club I am doing.  Getting Involved!  Are you?

Leslie Lewis

Educational Technology Specialist at Salt Lake City School District.

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