Last Call for Presenters!

Procrastination sometimes affects the best of us and we know that some of our readers love to procrastinate so much that they got a birth mark at age 12.  We know that you're really excited for UCET and you're so excited that you want to present at UCET, but you feel like you've lost your window of opportunity then fear not!  Tomorrow is the last day to submit your presentation proposal!  You can ease your fears that procrastination was really going to infringe on your particular lifestyle and prevent you from being the next shining star at UCET.  Put those fears aside because you are going to be awesome at presenting! Bring your innovative ideas and come to UCET ready to present!  You can make a difference in the lives of educators and students by bringing your exciting and inspiring ideas.  To submit your presentation proposal, simply go to the presenter link on our website.  We look forward to seeing what ideas you are going to share to really help change the ed tech in Utah.

Andrew Clark

I am a former 4th grade teacher and current Regional Technology Trainer for 9 school districts in rural northeastern Utah. He enjoys learning about tech, traveling, and spending time with his family. You can follow me on Twitter @And_B_Clark

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