Memorial Day

usa-1336898_640Though most of us are out of school for the summer, we should still take the time to learn and share resources about Memorial Day. This is an important day of remembrance that has been celebrated in some form since at least 1868. Read about the history of memorial day on the Smithsonian website.

Edutopia offers a list of great resources and ideas for learning about and commemorating Memorial Day in the classroom, and you could easily adapt these activities for your own use today.

Memorial Day is also the perfect time to reflect on personal and family memories. My favorite way to do that is to create digital stories, whether about family members who served in the military or about how we have created special memories of our own. What will you make today to help you capture important memories or to thank those who have given their lives in service to our country?


Suzy Cox

Suzy Cox is an Associate Professor in the UVU School of Education, specializing in Educational Technology and Adolescent Psychology, and is the program coordinator for the UVU Master's degree program in Educational Technology. She is the Higher Education liaison on the UCET board.

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