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k12Back in November 2014, at the OpenEd conference held in Washington D.C., the K12 OER Collaborative was announced.  The intent of this organization and initiative was to create comprehensive, high-quality open education resources supporting K-12 math and ELA– all aligned with the Common Core. At that time, there was a request for proposals put out for development of full middle school OER math curriculum, including content, assessments, scaffolding and ancillary materials.  Essentially the equivalent of what national content publishers were putting out, but  instead of being protected by copyright and costing schools tens of thousands of dollars, this curriculum would be Creative Commons licensed, giving educators the ability to freely revise, remix and reuse. 

In 2016, the K12 OER Collaborate launched Open-Up Resources, rolling out their openly licensed comprehensive curricula (middle school math grades 6-8). The materials will be openly available to districts for 2017-18 adoption, complete with the professional development and support services to foster successful implementation.

To learn more about the Open-Up programs or to preview samples materials, please contact or visit




Sarah Weston

Sarah is a graduate of Brigham Young University, holding a BA in Mathematics Education and earned her M Ed from Western Governors University. She has built over 20 courses using OER and currently oversees all course development and teacher training on building with OER at Mountain Heights Academy. Sarah was awarded Utah Charter Educator of the Year in 2010; the first online educator to receive the award. She was also privileged to be awarded 2011, 2013, and 2014 Best of State in Curriculum Development. In 2015 and 2015, she was awarded the Open Education Excellence Award for Outstanding Site and Outstanding Courses.

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