Prep for #ucet18 with Us

Back in December I posted some “Thoughts on Bored and Brilliant”. I’d like to invite you to participate in the week-long Bored and Brilliant Challenge beginning March 12. Each day I’ll post a link to the challenge for the following day. Take some time to listen to the podcast episode, check out the suggestions on the website and plan how you will step up. Let us know how you do with the hashtags #YOUcet, #ucet18 and #BABChallenge. Below is the schedule if you like to plan things out in advance. I’m looking forward to seeing how we grow.

#ucet18, YOUcet

Tricia Jackson

Tricia Jackson has worked for Park City School District since 2005. In July 2013 she moved from Education Technology Specialist to Online Learning Administrator. She has been a member of the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) Board since 2008; becoming Past President in 2015. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Spanish at Utah State University. Lesley University awarded her a Master of Technology in Education in the spring of 2011. Over the last few years, Tricia worked on the Awards, Grants, Program, Conference Credit, and Registration committees for UCET. This work includes: streamlining communication methods, implementing folder structures and naming conventions, using Add-ons in Google Spreadsheets to review and process member submissions to reduce paperwork, continuing refinement of the program creation process via Sched, creating participant and vendor registration forms via BlackPlum, and updating various webpages. She was also instrumental in bringing Jay McFarland and Vicki Davis to UCET 2015 as Keynote Speakers. Tricia enjoyed presenting on time management at SUECON 2015 (

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