What you need to know

As you prepare for your UCET Conference presentation, consider the following tips:

  • There is a presenter lounge at our venue.  It is a room where you can:

    • check your coat and equipment before and after your presentation.

    • grab a snack and beverage (for presenters only).

    • practice your presentation.

    • network with other people who are presenting.

  • Make sure you have read the Equipment Document and that you have all the necessary items for your presentation.

  • Think backup! UCET is taking every precaution to make sure that the network is functioning properly and that you will be able to access the Internet for your materials, examples, or presentation. But, things can happen.

    • Be prepared to present without a connection.

    • This could mean having the presentation on a USB drive, hard drive or computer desktop.

    • Have screenshots or videos ready to use in place of a live connection.

  • Once you know your room assignment, look at the maps to determine the room size. Use that information in preparing for your presentation. Think about sound, text size, etc.

  • Locate and visit your room sometime before your presentation.  Talk with a presenter that has used that room and see how it went and if there were any issues.

  • Practice, practice, practice.

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