Projecting a Chromebook

Being able to wirelessly transmit your computer or iPad screen is not new. For several years now we have been able to do this with the Apple TV. Though it was designed for the consumer, it has greatly benefited teachers in the classroom. What the Apple TV (TV) started, an app called Reflector picked up on, and improved on. It streams the screen on your wireless device to your computer, which in turn can be connected to the projector.

This included only Apple & Android products for the longest time, but now you can project a chromebook. Or better yet, if you purchase and install this app, have your students create projects on their chromebooks, and wirelessly transmit them to your computer with Reflector 2! For the advanced user, you can demonstrate how to do something on the chromebook via Reflector 2 and record it using your favorite screencasting software. Reflector 2 will change how you teach. Works on a mac or Windows. 

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