Questions for 2/24/16: PLCs – What Are They?

Give some thought to these questions.  Join us and bring your musings to #utedchat.  We are hosting #westedchat at 9:00 – 10:00 PM 2/24/16.

  1. What is a PLC? (and don’t say, “Programmable Logic Controller”!
  2. What does the PLC in your school look like?  What would you change or add?
  3.  Is #utedchat a PLC?  Is #westedchat a PLC?  How so?
  4. How do you document, share or archive resources with members of a PLC that aren’t present?
  5. Do you ever have the opportunity to watch other teachers teach?  Would you find that a valuable opportunity?
  6. Have you ever considered a SLC?  What would a Student Learning Community look like?
  7. In 5 words or less define PLC.  

Articles, quotes and cartoons referenced here.


Leslie Lewis

Educational Technology Specialist at Salt Lake City School District.

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