Questions for #UTedChat 2/17

Tonight’s #UTedChat will be hosted by Jamie Gardner (@MrsJGard). Be sure to add her to your PLN and follow her to make the chat even easier tonight! See you in a few hours!

Q1 What skills do students need to be ready for the workforce?

Q2 How can we teach soft skills (prob solving, reliability, etc) in a test driven environment?

Q3 Innovation is an important 21st century skill. How can we promote innovation in the classroom?

Q4 Failure is linked with innovation. How can we help students accept failure as part of the innovation process?

Q5 Where are we failing/succeeding in helping students transition to college or the workforce?

Q6 What tools are you using to help students research & prepare for college & career?


Cody Plumhof

Cody is the web developer, Communications Coordinator and media production center director for the Washington County School District. He has served on the UCET Board since 2012 as the WCSD representative and web developer for the organization.

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