Questions for #utedchat for 9/16 – Developing your PLN

Here are tonight's questions:

Q1 – How do you use social media as part of your personal and professional life?

Q2 – For a newbie to Twitter, how would you recommend finding people to follow or topics to research?

Q3 – Share a way in which you’ve used your PLN to help you with your professional learning. 

Q4 – Beyond Twitter, why/how do you use Facebook, Instagram, Voxer, or Pinterest in your classroom? 

Q5 – Pick one:  Share a question you have about using Social Media for a PLN or Share your best pitch for having a PLN.

Q6 – Share your favorite educators to follow, hashtags to explore, chats to join.  

See you at 9 pm!

Jared Covili

Jared Covili has been a regular UCET presenter and attendee since 2003 - when the UCET bug first bit him. Jared has been on the UCET board since 2008 and served as UCET President in 2011-2012. He is currently serving as ISTE Affiliate Rep. Jared works at UEN (tech training), the U of U (adjunct teaching), and Corwin Press (book writing and speaking).

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