Recharging your Batteries

UCET was the first conference I’ve ever attended and I’ve been going ever since.  My elementary technology instructor told us about it and offered us some extra credit to attend.  I didn’t know what to expect from it, but I came away with a wealth of knowledge and a positive attitude about all of the great things I wanted to accomplish in my class.

I have been able to attend several other conferences since that first time 8 years ago and at each one I learn a new tool or a valuable lesson I wouldn’t have received otherwise.  In addition to the lessons learned and the awesome swag at the vendor booths, conferences are a way to grow your PLN.  I’ve met many teachers and have continued to follow them on social media.  Also, conferences are a way to recharge your teaching batteries and become excited about doing something new in the classroom. 

If you’re reading this blog post it means you probably attended UCET in the past and I hope you plan on making it this year.  In the meantime may I suggest some other conferences that are coming up this weekend.  The Utah Council for Teachers of Mathematics (UCTM) conference is being held in Lehi.  It begins at 4:30 this Friday and runs through Saturday afternoon.  If you’re down south and Lehi is out of the way you should look at attending the Southern Utah Educators Conference (SUECON) in St. George. This is affiliated with UCET and is being held at Desert Hills High School.  It will start  this Friday afternoon and run until Saturday evening.

There are other conferences held throughout the year and I would encourage you to find one that fits your needs and expertise.  There are conferences for gifted and talented, special ed, librarians, and many more.  If nothing else, we hope to see you March 17th and 18th up at the University of Utah for some tech madness with UCET.   

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