Registration is Open

Over my years as an educator I have attend many conferences. Some in the state of Utah, some out of state. Some have been focused on technology in education, a passion of mine, and some are just on education. In my opinion, the best technology conference of them all is UCET. I would even venture to say is is the best education conference in Utah. It is definitely the best technology education conference in the state.

The reason I bring this up is that registration for the UCET conference is open. You need to register now. You can be a presenter, it’ll save you the price of admission and you will be able to share with other teachers the great things you are doing in your classroom. Register as a presenter here.

Or you can register as a participant, attend the keynotes and 8 sessions to gain more technology arrows in your quiver. I promise you, you won’t leave disappointed. If you teacher in a school in Utah, Idaho, or Wyoming, with students coming in and out of your classroom each day, there will be something at UCET for you! Come and learn with us.

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