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Staying Organized

In my own life I find that I have always struggled with staying on top of everything.  I get lost in the day to day mess of everything that is happening and I find that I have a hard time remembering everything that I need to so that I can stay on top of my daily tasks.  I found that in the classroom this problem was multiplied even more when I added what each student needed or what groups I had to take care of, assignments that needed grading, lesson plans that needed planning and so forth and I found that I was often feeling bogged down and the more I tried to get on top of it, the harder time I had keeping up with everything.  This lasted until I discovered a great free app called Trello.  Trello lets you keep track of all my to dos and I can do it from any device and my favorite thing is that it is always scaled to the screen I'm on and it looks and acts the same independent of the operating system I'm on!

Trello is built with the idea that everyone has a board that they need to keep track of projects on, and on each board there is a card that allows you to keep track of details within your board.  Trello allows users to make lists of cards that can be moved through the process of a project (I like to use lists titled: To do, Doing, Done)  With cards on the lists, details can be added to the back of the card, by clicking on the card, users are shown a new menu of goodies.  Users can create checklists, add files as attachments, assign cards to other users, add stickers, and even set a due date for cards.

I find that using Trello allows me to stay more organized, and being organized allows me to be more effective at work!

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Free iOS App Today: Math is Easy – Prime Factorization and Equation Solver

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id488574860?mt=8&src=afMath is Easy - Prime Factorization and Equation Solver


Math is Easy – Change Math into Fun , now add Equation Sovler function! 

Prime Factorization is the best tool to find prime factors of any number . 

It's super fast , you can get result while typing !

Additional functions : 
1. Can calculate The Greatest Common Factor . 
2. Can calculate The Least Common Multiple . 
3. Can generate Random numbers , it can be used for bet , password generator , and decision maker .


Free iOS App Today: Whiteboard for iPhone

Whiteboard for iphonehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id496465537?mt=8&src=af



1. This is a kind of dead-simple whiteboard which is convenient for your work, study and life. You can use the whiteboard to prepare a draft, draw pictures, set an example, writing or doodled and it can also be used as your note paper or blotter. 

The White board is widely used in the classroom by school teachers as well as the home by parents' family education, conference room by the boss or others, the field by football coach or basketball coach and other coach to set an example, Art Studio for children to draw pictures, ……etc. 

2. Simple operation 

You can use only one finger to write, two fingers' gently touched can play a role of an eraser. 

If you choose the trimmed-down version, three fingers' gently sweep can clean the screen easily. 

Try to snake it, you can find the pictures are saved and you can save the pictures by press the saving button as well. 

3. Concise user interface 

There are three colors and three types of brush size for you to choose and it is very simple and convenient. 

4. After you finish drawing, you can save your pictures as high-resolution images to your album directly or you can print it as well as share it to the SMS, email or SNS (only suitable for IOS6.0 or greater ). 

Just so easy. Nothing more, nothing less, Super Simple. Super Excellent.let's download it quickly. 

5. Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1: Where are the saving pictures? 
Answer: They are saved in the albums of your iPhone or iPad. 

Question 2: Hello, why can't I save the pictures? The whiteboard I used before have a health store, but after I upgrading it into 6.0 or 7.0, the storage card couldn't work. I need your help, thanks a lot. 
Answer: The errors are caused by the newly increasing privacy mechanism of Apple IOS6 or IOS7. Please open up: Settings–》 Privacy –》Photo, then select to allow the whiteboard to visit your photos. 

6.Contact us: Email:readpad@126.com 

Free iOS App Today: Giggle Ghosts

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id468918330?mt=8&src=afGiggle Ghosts


A counting game for ages 2-4 – get ready for some numbers fun!

Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning counting and numbers, this game also helps practice hand-eye coordination.

Help the Giggle Ghosts get to the party on time! Bounce, drag and giggle away as you try to get all 20 ghosts to the house – then see what surprises await you once you’re there!

Keep an eye on a ghost’s path as it falls, and try to anticipate which chimney it will land on. Then bounce the ghost across the rooftops by touching the chimneys for a musical ‘toot’. Count each ghost as you rescue them – rescue all 20 ghosts, and you earn even more fun at the interactive Ghost Party! 

The game features 4 levels that teach basic math skills (counting and numbers) and simple physical science (anticipating a trajectory) while they have fun with the bouncing, laughing ghosts, plus the musical chimneys and all the surprises that await them at the Ghost Party.

Features colorful art, engaging music, brand-new giggles and a unique, fun game play!

From the makers of the award-winning preschool apps "Zoo Train," "Bug Games" and the "Even Monsters" series of interactive books!

We have no way to contact you via a review – if you have any issues or questions, please contact us at preschoolgames@busybeestudios.com! 

Questions? Comments? Please drop us a line at preschoolgames@busybeestudios.com, or visit us at http://www.busybeestudios.com/games.

This app contains NO ads, in-app purchases, push notifications, tracking, or any data collection whatsoever. 

This app does contain a link to our website for more information, and links to the iTunes app store in reference to our other games; these links are found only in one contained Parent screen which is separate from the game play screens.

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