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#UTedChat Questions for 9/28 – Teacher-led Innovation in Schools

#UTedChat Questions for 9/28 – Teacher-led Innovation in Schools


We’re excited to have Tami Pyfer (@tpyfer) leading our #UTedChat tonight. We will be discussing Teacher-led Innovation in Schools. It should be a great discussion and we hope you can all come and share your thoughts. If you haven’t already followed Tami on Twitter (@tpyfer) you should probably do so because it will help you to better follow the chat. 

As always, please be sure to include #UTedChat in your responses so everyone participating can see your thoughts and ideas. However, we are also asking you to include any of the following hashtags in your responses if you have room, #utpol, #uted, and #utleg, all of which are some of the more political hashtags here in Utah. By including these hashtags in your tweets some of the state politicans will be more likely to see your amazing responses.

Q1 Policymakers & the general public don’t believe enough innovation is happening in public ed. Do you agree or not? Why? #UTedChat #utpol

Q2 @GovHerbert talks about “innovation from the bottom up” or from our #teachers & schools. What are you seeing in schools? #UTedChat #utpol

Q3 Business & industry value “intrapreneurs” – employees w/ freedom to innovate within their company. Why not EDU intrapreneurs? #UTedChat

Q4 We believe innovation + collaboration = transformation. Can you share examples of how this is working in your schools? #UTedChat #utpol

Q5 What are some barriers to innovation in your classroom/school/district? #UTedChat #utpol #uted #utleg

Q6 What message would you give to policy makers about teacher-led innovation? #UTedChat #utpol #uted #utleg

Tami Pyfer is the Education Advisor for Governor Gary Herbert. Prior to working with the governor’s office Tami taught special education courses at USU. She served on the Logan City Council, the State School Board, and many other positions in education. She holds an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Special Education from Utah State University where she is also an adjunct professor. Tami is an optimistic Utahn interested in music, arts, education, and State politics. 

You can follow Tami on Twitter at @tpyfer

#UTedChat Questions for 9/21 – Why isn’t technology getting results?

We’re excited to have Chris Larsen (@MrLarsen) leading our #UTedChat tonight. We will be discussing why isn’t technology getting results. It should be a great discussion and we hope you can all come and share your thoughts. If you haven’t already followed Chris (@MrLarsen) you should probably do so because it will help you to better follow the chat. 

Q1: Do classrooms that you see today look the same as they did when you were a student? Do you see this as a positive or negative? #utedchat

Q2: “We are currently preparing Ss for jobs that don’t yet exist … using technologies that haven’t been invented … in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.” How do we do this? What skills do students need? What abilities do teachers need? #utedchat (quote will be an image)

Q3: What should the role of technology be in the classroom? #utedchat

Q4: Recent reports claim technology has no effect on student achievement. Do you believe this? What do you think the cause is? #utedchat

Q5: How much pre-service technology education did your university program offer/require? #utedchat

Q6: Time is scarce/expensive in education. What are some creative solutions to get teachers more quality professional development? #utedchat

Chris Larsen is the Director of Educational Technology for Granite School District. He holds an M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership from Utah State University. He is a learner, student advocate, sports fan, foodie, and trivia buff. 

You can follow Chris on Twitter at @MrLarsen

Questions for #UTedChat 2/17

Tonight’s #UTedChat will be hosted by Jamie Gardner (@MrsJGard). Be sure to add her to your PLN and follow her to make the chat even easier tonight! See you in a few hours!

Q1 What skills do students need to be ready for the workforce?

Q2 How can we teach soft skills (prob solving, reliability, etc) in a test driven environment?

Q3 Innovation is an important 21st century skill. How can we promote innovation in the classroom?

Q4 Failure is linked with innovation. How can we help students accept failure as part of the innovation process?

Q5 Where are we failing/succeeding in helping students transition to college or the workforce?

Q6 What tools are you using to help students research & prepare for college & career?

#UTedChat Information For 12/16 – Holiday Extravaganza

This week’s edition of #UTedChat will be a little different than normal. We are going to be having a Holiday Extravaganza by watching & live tweeting during the movie Home Alone! What? Here’s how it’s going to work.

You need to find a copy of the movie Home Alone (sorry, it’s not available to stream anywhere) and we are all going to press play at 9pm tonight at our regular starting time for #UTedChat. 

Then, while we’re enjoying a fantastic Christmas classic, our moderator Dave Horan (@DownrightDave) will send out questions that go along with the movie and also tie into education. Feel free to tweet more than just the answers to the questions as well though as this will still be #UTedChat and we expect to have some of our regular educational banter. 

You don’t have to watch Home Alone with us and can just participate like normal, but we’d love for you to enjoy a fun movie as well. 

Sorry for the late notice of the change of pace in the chat tonight, but sometimes you just have to be a little spontaneous and enjoy life! 

We hope you enjoy our crazy antics, even just a little bit, and look forward to seeing you tonight at 9pm MST for the #UTedChat Holiday Extravaganza!

Tonight’s #UTedChat will be moderated by Dave Horan (@DownrightDave).

In addition to a being regular contributor to #UTedChat, Dave is the inspiration of #DaveWeek and a 2-time Chappy winner. He serves on the UCET board  and is a Taxi Squad Show contributor. Dave is also a teacher-consultant for Spelling City. He’s a MAJOR Utah Jazz, BYU, RSL, and Seattle fan. In fact, if he’s not with us on a regular #UTedChat it’s usually because he’s involved watching or attending a Jazz, RSL, or BYU game.

If you aren’t already following Dave on Twitter, be sure to do so before the chat so you can better keep up and because he’s amazing!

See you at 9 pm!

#UTedChat Questions For 12/09 – #Makerspace in Education

A picture of @ChronicBeard’s Makerspace at his school!

Everyone seems to be talking about Makerspaces in education, but what are they and why should I want to know more? Do you like to create things? How about building stuff? Have you ever wanted to take things apart just to see how they work? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions then you NEED to join us tonight, Wednesday, December 9th, from 9:00-10:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time) as we will be talking about #Makerspaces in Education.  Join us on Twitter by using the hashtag #UTedChat.  The following questions will be presented every 5-10 minutes.

Q1: What is #MakerEd and what does it look like in practice?

Q2: How would you define a #MakerSpace? What do you see as the purpose of such a space? (See MakerSpaces.com for more info.)

Q3: What do you most enjoy making on your own time? Could you share it in your classroom?

Q4: How can you envision teachers applying #MakerEd concepts to classroom learning?

Q5: What are the challenges to implementing a #MakerEd philosophy in your classroom and your school?

Q6: What #MakerEd idea are you tinkering with & what would you like to know more about? Share resources!

Tonight’s #UTedChat will be moderated by Ben Smith (@ChronicBeard).

In addition to a being regular contributor to #UTedChat, Ben teaches Middle School and High School computer science, AP CSP, ECS, make club, robotics, digital photography, and environmental science. Among his recent personal “make” projects; an #arduino air pollution sensor, baking sourdough bread, and building his “Free Library” in his front yard. His family wishes he would finally get the Christmas tree lights up, maybe after he’s finished “making!”

If you aren’t already following Ben on Twitter, be sure to do so before the chat so you can better keep up and because he’s amazing!

See you at 9 pm!

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