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To Help, To Learn, To Innovate

Technology is the basis of our modern age. To move forward is to enhance your knowledge in the age we are now entering. To be willing to advance you need to have drive and passion. From a student’s perspective, I will be sharing with you what truly drives me to help, to learn, to innovate. – Luke M.

Teaching underachieving students with technology

Many community college and university professors are dealing with the underachieving students. How can we provide ways to engage the student who may be underachieving? Using technology can assist students on line and in face to face classes. This presentation will demonstrate how using technology in a college lecture can enhance the students learning experience. – Deidre Tyler

One Teacher’s Journey to Bridge the Tech Gap

The Gap Can Be Bridged. I have seen it. In education we have many different and unique professionals. One problem we face is the rate of change, especially in technology. Programs and devices are common place in our lives. But the gap is increasing between those who embrace technology and those that are hesitant. I have run up against this problem for years with educators that I work with. One teacher's journey. – Suzanne Harris

Motivating Upper Elementary

A brief presentation of ways in which upper elementary educators can utilize current pop culture to illicit motivation and creativity in their students. It will also showcase other popular educators that provide pre-made activities already tied to standards that can act as a skeleton for other educators to differentiate for their own students needs. – http://reidfordstraining.weebly.com – Keith Reidford

From At-Risk to In Charge

Imagine being told that you will be teaching a class for the 19 most at-risk youth in your school. Now imagine delivering that class in quite possibly the lowest-tech classroom in America. How would you engage and motivate these students? In this Ignite! session, learn about one teacher’s experience using second-hand computers in a low-tech classroom to help at-risk students find their voices and develop 21st century skills. –¬†Suzy Cox

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