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Connecting Globally and Locally as Educators

We live in a day where teaching is no longer limited to the four physical walls of your classroom, or even your school building. We can connect with people across the globe and increase the chances of our students becoming global citizens. How can we make sure we are connecting safely as well as teaching our students to do the same? Do we have to always think globally or are there resources that are available more locally as well? We need to make sure and take the time and effort to both reach out to the world as well as nurture the face to face connections we have available to us in our own backyards. – http://EdTechBabble.net – Derek Larson

Teacher Spin

Teachers have the power to spin their story and become their own PR agents. By using social media tools like instagram, snapchat, pinterest and becoming an awesome example of digital citizenship, teachers can take control of how their community views their classroom and how the world regards teachers. – Dani Sloan

A Recipe for Positive Learning

In this life, there are some things that never stop. A prime example is learning. Even if you don't notice it, your brain is constantly taking in new information. But, how do we know if we are getting the most out of what we learn? Julia Henry and Josie Chesley are students and Leaders at Treasure Mountain Junior High. They want to teach people to look at their learning environment and decide how to bend it so that they can learn in an effective, comfortable way that makes everyone happy. – Julia Henry, Josie Chesley

Technology in Dual Immersion Classroom

Dual Immersion classroom is an amazing environment for students to learn the second language. It is not easy for teacher to deliver all the content in the target language. With the help of technology, teachers could deliver their lecturing and help students to understand better. In this session, you will learn the language and class management tools to help your dual immersion classroom work smoother. – Peiru Chen

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