The Changing Face of UEA


It happens every fall.  People plan getaways for mid-October.  It's convenient because the kids are out of school and often the weather is fine.  Such was the case this year.

Some people skip the out of town trip and participate in UEA.  UEA seems more family friendly these days.  Super Why! was there promoting PBS.  A potter was throwing clay.  

Utah Agriculture in the Classroom showcased wheat and cotton bolls and tried to convince us all that food doesn't grow in the supermarket.  Farmers Insurance and Chevron are proud supporters of Utah teachers.  RidgidBot was there printing castles and airplanes.  

The best part of all was watching Katie Blunt and Tricia Jackson talking people into throwing tiny basketballs into a tiny hoop.  Three baskets and player won a chance for a free registration to UCET next spring, March 17th and 18th.   

Leslie Lewis

Educational Technology Specialist at Salt Lake City School District.

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