The New Legislative Session

Today marks the beginning of the Utah legistlative session. I know everyone is super-excited about that, right? But perhaps we should be. 

It's easy to forget that the legislature works for us. We elected them, and they are, to some extent at least, beholden to us. So that means that a group of people who works for us is meeting today to start talking about our state's values and priorities, our future, our kids, ourselves. That's exciting! It's an opportunity for each of us to contact our employees/legislators to make our voices heard about what matters to us and what we think they should be focusing on. 

While we don't all agree on everything political, I think everyone involved with UCET certainly agrees that education should be the top priority for this legislative session. Tell your legislators! Tell them that every student in Utah matters, that every teacher in Utah deserves to do more with more rather than the amazing work they've been doing with less. Tell them that putting a device in every hand is one thing, but helping teachers and students learn to use those devices in meaningful and ethical ways is another, and that we need help from them to make all of this happen.

All of us have knowledge and experience that they need in order to make the best possible decision for our state. I hope that during this session our legislators will receive an unprecedented number of emails, letters, phone calls, and personal visits from their employers/constituents helping them to clearly see what matters to the people of Utah.

Suzy Cox

Suzy Cox is an Associate Professor in the UVU School of Education, specializing in Educational Technology and Adolescent Psychology, and is the program coordinator for the UVU Master's degree program in Educational Technology. She is the Higher Education liaison on the UCET board.

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