Too Much Testing? Not Enough Teaching? Let’s #utedchat about it!

Wednesday night, October 14th, from 9:00-10:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time) we will be talking about the issue of standardized testing.  Join us on Twitter by using the hashtag #utedchat.  The following questions will be presented every 5-10 minutes.

  1. Do you think Utah schools are too focused on standardized testing?

  2. How many tests, not including SAGE, do you run with students each year?

  3. If you administer standardized assessments, how immediate is the feedback you receive from the assessments you give your students?

  4. How is the data you receive from state assessments used to change or improve your teaching?

  5. Do your students ever use computers or technology to complete assessments in school?

  6. Do you believe more emphasis is being put on testing rather than other important content or skills?  If so, what skills and concepts?

  7. How many hours a year do you receive in professional development time and planning meetings preparing for standardized testing?
    How many hours a year do you spend with colleagues talking about assessment results and adjusting instruction?

  8. SAGE results say majority of Utah students are not on track for college.  Will more testing help or hurt this cause?

For more information on this topic check out the following resources:

Utah State Bill HC-007

Washington Post Article – Are U.S. Schools Too Focused on Testing?

Sage Results Indicate Majority of Utah Students Not On Track for College

This week's #UTedChat will be moderated by Michael Hakkarinen (@EdTecHakk).

Michael is an Instructional Technology Trainer with the Utah Education Network.  He enjoys all things skiing, mountain biking, and being outdoors. If you want to follow his adventures in the outdoors follow personal Twitter account @MikeHakkarinen

Don't forget to check out his website for lots of great tips and tricks for teaching.

If you aren't already following Michael on Twitter, be sure to do so before the chat so you can better keep up and because he's awesome!

See you Wednesday night at 9 pm!


Michael Hakkarinen

Michael Hakkarinen specializes in helping teachers engage students in the classroom with technology such as Mac Tools, Google Apps for Educators, iPads and more. He earned a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Maryland at College Park and a Master’s in Elementary Education at Mount Saint Mary’s University, where he also taught Instructional Technology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He was a Technology Resource Teacher in Frederick County, Maryland, where he taught elementary school, and an EdTech for Canyons School District in Utah before joining the UEN PD team in 2014. He currently serves as President of the UCET Board.

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