UCET Awards Spotlight

UCET loves to recognize innovative teachers who effectively integrate technology in their classrooms. Last year, the Outstanding Teacher was awarded to Glen Andersen.  Read more about him below and consider nominating an outstanding teacher for #UCET 16. Nominations are due Feburary 11, 2016 using this nomination form.

Glen Andersen Glen Andersen – UCET Outstanding Teacher of the Year (Washington County School District, Teacher Grade 5) “ Every time I am in Mr. Andersen's classroom, it strikes me that THIS is what education is about, THIS is what every child deserves.  He understands how technology can individualize and inspire learning in students. I often see his students deeply engaged in work on their ipads whether responding to their classmates or teachers in writing, creating movies, practicing math skills, taking an assessment, or working on a class project.  Our profession needs more “Mr. Andersens”; he not only understands what he needs to do in order to be successful in the classroom, he willingly shares his expertise and passion with all those around him.”


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