UCET Enjoys “Luck of the Irish”!

Day One of #UCET17 began with a smooth check-in process for attendees and volunteers.  We all felt the magic of Big Band Era music as The Mixed Nuts Band enlivened our early morning.   A hilarious video starring the UCET Board had everyone laughing.

Guitarist Jim Fish rolled out the day with Ozark Mountain beats that had us all tapping our toes on Day Two of #UCET17. 

An all-star cast of super heroes crashed the opening meeting on Day Two.  Dora the Explorer, Batman and Darth Vadar showed up to fling socks and Tshirts into the audience along with Tina Fey, (a Dani K. Sloan lookalike).

Alice Keeler’s presentation, What if School Were More Like World of Warcraft, caught and kept our attention as we learned about gamification in the classroom.  Her slides are located here.

As an educator, climber, and base jumper, Steph Davis encouraged and challenged us to take risks and embrace failure as a teaching tool.  Visit her breath-taking blog here

Travis Allen, President and Founder of the iSchool Initiative, presented both days.  On Thursday he spoke about Becoming a Lifelong Learner and Friday about Overcoming the Top Ten Barriers to Technology Adoption.  Visit his website here

There were so many excellent presenters it was hard to chose who to visit.  The playgrounds, the vendors and the Wonderment Bus added to the general excitement and enthusiasm for topics dear to our hearts, educating students and ourselves and technology!  There we many innovative ideas, lessons, and products available. 

If you missed it this year, mark your calendars for next #UCET18.  Coming Spring 2018!

Leslie Lewis

Educational Technology Specialist at Salt Lake City School District.

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