#UTedChat Information For 12/16 – Holiday Extravaganza

This week’s edition of #UTedChat will be a little different than normal. We are going to be having a Holiday Extravaganza by watching & live tweeting during the movie Home Alone! What? Here’s how it’s going to work.

You need to find a copy of the movie Home Alone (sorry, it’s not available to stream anywhere) and we are all going to press play at 9pm tonight at our regular starting time for #UTedChat. 

Then, while we’re enjoying a fantastic Christmas classic, our moderator Dave Horan (@DownrightDave) will send out questions that go along with the movie and also tie into education. Feel free to tweet more than just the answers to the questions as well though as this will still be #UTedChat and we expect to have some of our regular educational banter. 

You don’t have to watch Home Alone with us and can just participate like normal, but we’d love for you to enjoy a fun movie as well. 

Sorry for the late notice of the change of pace in the chat tonight, but sometimes you just have to be a little spontaneous and enjoy life! 

We hope you enjoy our crazy antics, even just a little bit, and look forward to seeing you tonight at 9pm MST for the #UTedChat Holiday Extravaganza!

Tonight’s #UTedChat will be moderated by Dave Horan (@DownrightDave).

In addition to a being regular contributor to #UTedChat, Dave is the inspiration of #DaveWeek and a 2-time Chappy winner. He serves on the UCET board  and is a Taxi Squad Show contributor. Dave is also a teacher-consultant for Spelling City. He’s a MAJOR Utah Jazz, BYU, RSL, and Seattle fan. In fact, if he’s not with us on a regular #UTedChat it’s usually because he’s involved watching or attending a Jazz, RSL, or BYU game.

If you aren’t already following Dave on Twitter, be sure to do so before the chat so you can better keep up and because he’s amazing!

See you at 9 pm!


Cody Plumhof

Cody is the web developer, Communications Coordinator and media production center director for the Washington County School District. He has served on the UCET Board since 2012 as the WCSD representative and web developer for the organization.

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