#UTedChat Questions for 04/04 – Data Privacy



This week we have Greg Cox (@tusz11) a trainer with the Utah State Board of Education in the Student Data Privacy department leading the discussion on Data Privacy! This is a VERY important topic for educators to start thinking about and should be a great chat so please come prepared to share your thoughts on keeping data secure while learning from the rest of the #UTedChat crew. If you haven’t already followed Greg via Twitter (@tusz11) you should probably do so because it will help you to better follow the chat. 

As always, please be sure to include #UTedChat in your responses so everyone participating can see your thoughts and ideas.

Q1: How many different apps or websites do you and your students use each year? What value does it add to your teaching and/or their learning?

Q2: What are some of the consequences, good or bad, you must make in order to use more technology products and software in the classroom?

Q3: Have you ever read an app or website’s privacy policy to understand what student data they are collecting and what they are doing with the data? Why is this important?

Q4: What is your school or district doing in terms of training to inform faculty about protecting and securing student data?

Q5: What security practices do you and/or your school have in place in order to keep student personally identifiable information (PII) secure?

Q6: Any funny/embarrassing/scary personal stories about being hacked or scammed that you want to share?


Greg taught 4th grade for 6 years at Ellis Elementary in Logan, Utah. He currently holds a Master’s in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences as well as endorsements in ESL, EdTech, and STEM. He works for Kyte Learning, which is a video-based EdTech training platform and is a trainer at the Utah State Board of Education in the Student Data Privacy department. Greg is a former UCET Board member who was a valuable asset to the organization. He is passionate about integrating video into his teaching and training as a way to instruct and entertain.

You can follow Greg via Twitter at @tusz11.


Cody Plumhof

Cody is the web developer, Communications Coordinator and media production center director for the Washington County School District. He has served on the UCET Board since 2012 as the WCSD representative and web developer for the organization.

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