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This week’s #UTEdchat is hosted by Amy Wood, NBCT (@ajmerritt). She’s a mentor teacher specialist in Jordan School District working with new teachers and mentors to help support them through their provisional years. Amy is also a Utah Teacher Fellow and enjoys working to help advance the education profession here in the state. The beginning of the school year is so important and so is making sure you get off to a successful start.  Join Amy tonight (Wednesday, August 22nd) at 9 pm MDT on Twitter to chat about Starting the Year Strong!

If you haven’t already followed Amy via Twitter (@ajmerritt) you should probably do so because it will help you to better follow the chat. 

As always, please be sure to include #UTedChat in your responses so everyone participating can see your thoughts and ideas.

Q1. As you begin the year, what student seating arrangement best supports your student learning in your classroom? Why?

Q2. How do you support your students’ learning at home?

Q3. Rules help to set expectations for our students and support success. What are your basic classroom rules? Have these changed during your career?  Do students help develop them? Why or why not?

Q4. How do you prevent behavior issues at the start of the year? What are some examples of positive reinforcers you use in your classroom?  

Q5. Every year I make a goal to eat healthy. What are some things you do to start strong with your eating habits at school? Do you pack a lunch? Eat school lunch? What is your favorite lunch to bring to work?

Q6. Planning is an essential part of being successful. How do you plan for your student success? Share your recommendations.

Q7.  What do you wish you had known as a brand new teacher that you know now?

Amy Wood, NBCT, is a mentor teacher specialist in Jordan School District. She works with new teachers and mentors and helps to support them through their provisional years. Before this, she taught first grade at Foothills Elementary in Herriman, UT. During this time, she also completed her NBCT. She loves teaching and is often found now teaching her five-month-old son, Tai. Amy is also excited to be a Utah Teacher Fellow.

You can follow Amy via Twitter at @ajmerritt.

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