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Tonight’s #UTEdchat is hosted by Diana Suddreth (@disudds). Diana is the Director of Teaching and Learning at the Utah State Board of Education and has spent 35 years in education as a secondary Mathematics teacher in California, Nevada, and here in Utah. She will be leading tonight’s #UTedChat with an excellent topic of Identifying the Ideal Characteristics of a Utah Graduate after going through the K-12 system. Prepare for some great discussion and a lot of fun tonight. 

If you haven’t already followed Diana via Twitter (@disudds) you should probably do so because it will help you to better follow the chat. 

As always, please be sure to include #UTedChat in your responses so everyone participating can see your thoughts and ideas.

Q1 – What is the most important thing you learned in high school?

Q2 – What will our high school graduates need in the future?

Q3 – What are our hopes, dreams and aspirations for our students? 

Q4 – Someone new is joining your family. What qualities and characteristics do you hope they bring to the table?

Q5 – When an employer is hiring, what do you think they are looking for in an ideal employee?

Q6 – How would you measure success when a/your child graduates from high school?

Q7 – What themes did you see come out of our discussion tonight?

Diana Suddreth is the Director of Teaching and Learning at the Utah State Board of Education where she currently leads the Utah Teacher Effectiveness Team, the Standards Implementation Teams, The Digital Teaching & Learning Team, and Educator Licensing. She has served education for over 35 years, beginning her career as a mathematics teacher in middle and high schools in Nevada, California, and Utah. Diana was the 2000 Presidential Awardee in Secondary Mathematics in Utah and earned her National Board Teaching Certificate in 2002. Diana joined the Utah State Board of Education in 2006 as Secondary Mathematics Specialist and was also the STEM Coordinator for five years before becoming the director. She is currently working with the Board to define the Portrait of a Utah Graduate that can be used as we design systems that support student success in Utah.

You can follow Diana via Twitter at @disudds.

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