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Tonight’s #UTEdchat is hosted by Machelle Rogers (@rogers_machelle). Machelle is an elementary teacher in Jordan District and also a 2017-18 Utah Teacher Fellow. Michelle will be joined by Meredith Bortz (@MeredithBortz) from Sevenzo. They will be leading tonight’s #UTedChat with an important topic of Learning Environments. Prepare for some great discussion and a lot of fun tonight. 

If you haven’t already followed Machelle and Meredith via Twitter (@rogers_machelle and @MeredithBortz) you should probably do so because it will help you to better follow the chat. 

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Q1 What does a caring, inclusive learning environment look like? What does it feel like?

Q2 What do you do/try to do in your classroom to enhance a feeling of caring and inclusion?

Q3 So many expectations are felt by educators. Where might meeting the needs of each student fit into a caring, inclusive learning environment?

Q4 How does equity play a role in a caring and inclusive environment? (Equity in education means that personal or social circumstances such as gender, ethnic origin or family background, are not obstacles to achieving educational potential.)

Q5 If training was available for a caring, inclusive classroom, what would it look like? What would make it effective?

Q6 What resources have you found to be helpful in your efforts to create a caring, inclusive environment?

Q7 What connection is there between having a caring, inclusive classroom and the school environment?

Q8 How does having a caring, inclusive learning environment benefit our won emotional intelligence or peace of mind?

Q9 How do we move forward from here? What will you try next to create or add to your caring, inclusive classroom?

Machelle Rogers is a 2017-18 Utah Teacher Fellow in her 23rd year of teaching with Jordan District as an elementary teacher. Machelle loves her students and works to support and foster student growth and learning in a caring, responsive, and inclusive environment. Shout out to Hope Street Group and each of the amazing Teacher Fellow friends and the incredible organizations that support educators.

Meredith Bortz leads operations for Sevenzo, a non-profit that connects a national community of educators and helps them try evidence-based practices, all with a focus on fostering student belonging and creating more caring, inclusive, and impactful learning environments. Sevenzo facilitates opportunities for educators to connect and learn, inspire one another, try impactful practices, and share what works.

Meredith comes to Sevenzo with experience driving change in partnership with state and local leaders, educators, and other stakeholders—always with the goal of eliminating inequities so that all children have the opportunities they deserve. Having worked previously in education policy and advocacy, what Meredith loves most about Sevenzo are the myriad opportunities to deeply connect with teachers and help them share their unique talents and expertise.

You can follow Machelle (@rogers_machelle) and Meredith (@MeredithBortz) via Twitter.

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