#UTedChat Questions for 10/21 – Communicating with Parents

Great Scott, teachers should be communicating with parents? How are we supposed to know what to say, how to approach them, when and how frequently? Join us tonight, Wednesday, October 21st, from 9:00-10:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time) as we will be talking about Communicating with Parents.  Join us on Twitter by using the hashtag #UTedChat.  The following questions will be presented every 5-10 minutes.

Q1 – Should you even communicate with parents? Why? Will it help you save yourself? 

Q2 – How much effort should you put into trying? Time travel?

Q3 – What is a good frequency for communications?

Q4 – Have you tried home visits? What has been the outcome?

Q5 – What are your favorite ways to communicate? Falling out of a tree?

Q6 – Bonus question, If you could time travel, where would you go & why?

Come join #UTedChat as we have a little fun with today being the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown went Back to the Future! 


Tonight's #UTedChat will be moderated by Derek Larson (@lars3eb).

Derek is a husband, father, teacher, learner, tech addict, musician, & friend, in that order. He is a member of the UCET Board as well as a member of the SUECON Committee. He is a former rock star who loves music and being with friends and family. 

Derek occasionally writes online at his website, EdTechBabble.net. He was also a featured writer for EdSurge's Fifty States Project last year and is helping the next batch of writers as a mentor.

If you aren't already following Derek on Twitter, be sure to do so before the chat so you can better keep up and because he's amazing!

See you at 9 pm!

Cody Plumhof

Cody is the web developer, Communications Coordinator and media production center director for the Washington County School District. He has served on the UCET Board since 2012 as the WCSD representative and web developer for the organization.

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