#UTedChat Questions for 9/21 – Why isn’t technology getting results?

We’re excited to have Chris Larsen (@MrLarsen) leading our #UTedChat tonight. We will be discussing why isn’t technology getting results. It should be a great discussion and we hope you can all come and share your thoughts. If you haven’t already followed Chris (@MrLarsen) you should probably do so because it will help you to better follow the chat. 

Q1: Do classrooms that you see today look the same as they did when you were a student? Do you see this as a positive or negative? #utedchat

Q2: “We are currently preparing Ss for jobs that don’t yet exist … using technologies that haven’t been invented … in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.” How do we do this? What skills do students need? What abilities do teachers need? #utedchat (quote will be an image)

Q3: What should the role of technology be in the classroom? #utedchat

Q4: Recent reports claim technology has no effect on student achievement. Do you believe this? What do you think the cause is? #utedchat

Q5: How much pre-service technology education did your university program offer/require? #utedchat

Q6: Time is scarce/expensive in education. What are some creative solutions to get teachers more quality professional development? #utedchat

Chris Larsen is the Director of Educational Technology for Granite School District. He holds an M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership from Utah State University. He is a learner, student advocate, sports fan, foodie, and trivia buff. 

You can follow Chris on Twitter at @MrLarsen


Cody Plumhof

Cody is the web developer, Communications Coordinator and media production center director for the Washington County School District. He has served on the UCET Board since 2012 as the WCSD representative and web developer for the organization.

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