Vendor Pricing 2021

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Detailed directions to register are listed below.

UPDATE: I was able to secure the vendor speed session this year for Platinum vendors only! The speed session will be March 19th from 9-11 a.m. Each Platinum sponsor will receive about five minutes with the TCC group which is made up the Technology Directors and those with similar titles from each school district. One presentation slide will be sent in advance to Rick Gaisford. Rick will inform you of your time slot.

*In order to present at UCET, you must submit a proposal that is accepted no later than the deadline located on the Presentations page, which is January 12th, 2021. 

**Directions to register.

  1. Click here to get started
  2. Click the green Register button
  3. Register as an Individual
  4. Select your sponsorship level (Platinum, Gold, Silver)
  5. Checkout
  6. Fill out your information
  7. Place Order and you are done!

Thanks for your support of UCET 2021!

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