What UCET Means to Me…

As I 'm sitting here at my laptop on UCET eve, I'm reflecting on some of my early UCET experiences.  My first UCET expereience was in 2007 and it was at Murray High.  I was a preservice teacher who was offered the chance to go to UCET or work on a project, and in the interest of time, I took the chance to go to UCET and write a paper.  I'm so glad that I went to UCET way back when because I saw how teachers were using tech to teach and make lessons more engaging.  I wanted to become like the teachers that I had seen at UCET.

As the years went by and I attended more and more UCET Conferences, I networked with teachers, continued to see new ideas that I could implement in my classroom and I loved every minute of the conference.  I found UCET to be the PD highlight of the year for me.  UCET has always been just as exciting as Christmas!

As we approach another UCET there is much to be excited about, we have a new venue, new sessions, and of course loads of great ideas!  UCET has always meant to me that there is a great way to get some new ideas from all of the teachers who attend and present.  UCET means high quality PD and the chance to look for new ideas to implement.  

I hope that you're just as excited as I am to be at UCET this year.  It is going to be as awesome as always!!

Andrew Clark

I am a former 4th grade teacher and current Regional Technology Trainer for 9 school districts in rural northeastern Utah. He enjoys learning about tech, traveling, and spending time with his family. You can follow me on Twitter @And_B_Clark

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